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Argentina possesses a very diverse geography. It is home to some of the tallest mountains, tremendous waterfalls, ancient Andean culture, rainforest, and the metropolis of Buenos Aires. The best time to seek your greatest adventure varies with what your idea of perfection is. The best time to climb Aconcagua is in December. Go horseback riding in Patagonia in January. Instead of the traditional thanksgiving meal, take a safari in November. Shake off the rust in your dance steps in February as you tango in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. Argentina possesses all your wildest dreams, and now is the time to take advantage of them.

The best times to visit are during Argentina carnival time. Gualeguichu is the place where the most important of Argentina's carnival celebrations take place. It is the named "El carnival del Pais." The best time to see this Argentina carnival is in the summer during January and February. This Argentina carnival puts on a spectacular show. It has four samba clubs complete for the king of the carnival. They will use five different stages to strut their stuff with hundreds of dancers, singing bands, and a drum band. Each club will choose a theme, and the rest is up to the spectators to have as much fun as possible.

Another Argentina carnival to be at is in Tilcara. This is called Pacha Mama carnival. It is a celebration to pay homage to mother Nature, for all she has given to us. They need this celebration in Argentina especially, because it has one of the most beautiful landscapes. This Argentina Carnival last for five days in the beginning of March.

You fill find many Argentina tours that can take you from the inner most hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires to the outer reaches of the Argentine Andes and Patagonia. They offer numerous tours including the Argentina highlight tour, which incorporates excursions to the charming corners of Buenos Aires and even Uruguay. After the city, the real adventure begins as you will visit Iguazu Falls, Peninsula Valdez, Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego, and Calafate and the Glaciers National Park in Patagonia. Also there is the Patagonia, Argentina tour, which will allow one to see more dramatic landscape and captivating views of this remote corner of the world. Your eyes will have the chance to glance at spectacular views of mountains, glaciers and icebergs, as you will visit one of Mother Nature's masterpieces.

Before you are let loose among this multitude of areas to see and activities to do make a plan of what areas you want to tackle. There is something for all walks of life in Argentina from the cultural enthusiast to the adrenaline adventurer, but the idea is balance both of these ideas in an adventure to one of the largest countries in world, in order to making it a lasting memory in your mind. The tools to explore Argentina are here, but now it is your turn to take full advantage of them.



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