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Bolivia would hardly be accessible to the outside if it weren't for the planes of Bolivia Airlines. Although an extensive network of trails crisscrosses the Andes Mountains, some parts of them are hardly wide enough for two camels. Fortunately, La Paz is a well-known city and many international and South American airlines make direct flights to Bolivia.

If you plan ahead you get a better rate, however, many good options, such as standby flights to Bolivia are available to you if you do decide to go at the last minute. You might struggle with trying to decide which of the buses are going to go faster on the roads of Bolivia, many of which can be subject to flooding, opt for just taking a flight to your next destination on one of the many small Bolivian Airlines.

As you explore the country, travel by air aboard one of the well-known Bolivian airlines. Many visitors opt for taking LAB Airlines (Lloyd Aero Boliviano) from destination to destination. Bolivia is number 7 on the list of countries with the most airports on the world, behind the United States (who comes in first, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Argentina. This is an amazing fact for such an undeveloped country, but it lends credibility to the idea that road travel is not always the best way to get around in Bolivia.

Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Sucre, Tarija, and Trinaded are airports that are serviced by LAB airlines. LAB also makes stops all over South America, to places like Cancun, Panama, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janiero, Beunos Aires, Caracas, Cordoba, Manaus, Lima, and Santiago. So whether you'd like to leave the hassles of road travel behind while you're in Bolivia or you're looking for flights to South America to see the whole continent, LAB is a great resource to help you. It is one of the most trusted and well-known Bolivian Airlines.

AeroSur fulfills a similar role, with service to many of the same stops in Bolivia as LAB, and in addition it travels to Uyuni, home of the Salt Flats and Puerto Suarez in the far southwestern corner. Aerosur also has combination packages, which include a tour, hotel and a round trip plane ticket to the best destinations in Bolivia. It has an airpass to Bolivia that can save you quite a great deal if you are planning to tour the entire country.

A One World Visit South America pass is a combined ticket which gives you access to 10 south American countries and 34 major cities. This pass includes flights to Bolivia, together with destinations such as La Paz. This pass allow you travel on any one of the eight airlines that collaborate in this program: Iberia, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Finnair, LAN, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, and Qantas.

A package deals to La Paz, like the two day trip which includes a round trip plane ticket to Santa Cruz, one night and two days in the five-star Camino Real hotel with a late checkout at 6pm, allow you to enjoy the city awhile longer. Or you might want to stay in and enjoy use of the spa that day, which is included in the package which costs a very reasonable $129 USD Per Person.

A number of airlines from other South American countries have direct service to Bolivia, such as Brazil's Varig. Chile's national airline, LANChile, makes regular flight to La Paz. Argentina also has direct service to La Paz from Argentina on Aerolineas Argentina.

While great views are to be had on the roads and mountain passes are incredible, some of the most spectacular views of Bolivia can be enjoyed from a plane. You will see even further that the adventurers who spend weeks climbing to an altitude. As you soar over the climbers on their quest for the summits, you can look across the 160 mile long Cordillera Real, and take it all in at once.

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