Bolivian Andes Climbing

The country of Bolivia is filled with summits for climbers to conquer. Bolivia climbing is a thriving industry, the Andes Mountains the perfect setting for your next alpine adventure.

Bolivian mountain climbing is reason alone to visit the country. You could spend months exploring the 160 miles of the Cordillera Real, which has over 50 peaks of varying difficulty and terrain to scale. The largest, Illimani, looks down at you as you walk the streets of the capitol, La Paz.

Climbing the Andes Mountains is no small feat. Windstorms, snow squalls, hidden crevasses and thin air are all hazards that add to the thrill of Bolivia mountain climbing. It's important to find a reputable guide to lead you through the rugged terrain you will encounter.

While you will likely do most of your planning ahead of time, you might feel impulsive and take a last minute trip with one of the local Bolivia tour companies. Ranabol Expeditions, while not geared specifically towards climbing, offers kayaking, hang gliding and expeditions to add to your Bolivia experience. Some of these other choices are a great way to unwind after two weeks of strenuous Bolivian mountain climbing.

Akhamani Treks in La Paz, is a well known leader in Bolivian climbing. These experienced guides plan adventures, as well as provide you with logistic support for Bolivian mountain climbing.

Andean Treks is an internationally based company that organizes llama treks, adventure tours in the Amazon, and a number of other activities in the Andes Mountains. Halcones Andinism Club is in Oruro. While you are visiting here pay them a visit to get info about paragliding in addition to Bolivia mountain climbing.

Alaya Adventura, Bolivia Adventure Planet Expeditions, Club Andino Boliviano, and Bolivian Journeys Climbing are all based in La Paz. La Paz is a starting point for many climbers, so if you've come back from your trek but you still have a thirst for more Bolivia hiking, stop in one of their offices and look into taking on of their 2 or 4-day expeditions.

Bolivia Climbing Expedition Guides is another international company that specializes in expeditions to the well-known peaks of Illimani, Huyana Potosi, and Pequeño Alpamayo.

Explore Bolivia, Inc. offers nature tours, and a number of water based activities such as canoeing and kayaking in addition to leading expeditions to the Andes Mountains.

Although Bolivia is filled with an array of cultural and ecological activities, there is no experience like standing in top of a snow-covered mountain as you gaze at peaks that extend as far as the eye can see. You will blink and you might find that your eyes tear, not from the blinding light of the snow reflected sun and the alpine winds, but from the sheer elation of your soul as you absorb the astounding majesty that surrounds you.



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