Bolivia Day Trips

The small South American country of Bolivia is situated in the middle of the continent, with views of the Andes Mountains near at hand. Bolivia day trips and tours in Bolivia can be organized through tour companies or executed on your own. However you decide to plan your trips to Bolivia, there are plenty of great options for things to do and see.

La Paz

Most travelers who enter Bolivia via plane will arrive in La Paz. This large and thriving city is the perfect place to spend the day. Bolivia day trips through La Paz can include shopping in one of the many markets located in the downtown area, as well as trips to the small cafés and traditional restaurants in the city. Spend your Bolivia tour of downtown La Paz not only checking out the markets, but exploring the architecture as well. Bolivia day trips through downtown showcase numerous colonial structures steeped in history, as well as old stone roads and ancient paths. Toward the end of the day, head back toward the center of the city for dinner and maybe even a drink at a local bar.


Trips to Bolivia and the villages of the villages are an excellent way to experience local culture. A Bolivia tour of the town of Sucre offers incredible views. Located more than 9,200 feet above sea level, weather in Sucre is sunny most of the year. Spend the first half of the day shopping and exploring the colonial churches and museums that populate the downtown area of Sucre. Have lunch in the city, and then for the second half of the day make your way to the site of a dinosaur dig. A set of well-preserved tyrannosaurus rex tracks are the main feature of this dig, located just a short distance from the village.


For a Bolivia tour located even further up into the mountains, head to Potosi. Potosi is the highest city of its size in the world, resting 13,000 feet above sea level. The clean mountain air and colonial architecture make this one of the most attractive cities to visit in Bolivia. Additionally, the city is built around major silver mines and is by far the most opulent city in Bolivia. Day tours in Bolivia or Potosi can include time spent in the city itself during the morning, and a trip to the working mines of Cerro Rico in the afternoon. None of the mines operate with mechanization, so a trip through the mine is an intriguing trip through a maze of tunnels and caves.

Salt Desert of Uyuni

Heading down from the high altitude, many travelers next make their way to the Salt Desert of Uyuni. Whether you take this route or find yourself in the desert by another path, the desert is completely unique and worth exploring. Trips to Bolivia through the Uyuni desert reveal a large salt lake and a warehouse that produces salt bricks. The desert is also home to a hotel built of salt and an island surrounded by salt. If viewing the mountains of salt makes you thirsty and maybe a little hungry, you won’t be far from the town of Uyuni, where you can have dinner and enjoy a refreshing drink. Your tours in Bolivia will have included trips to many different geological sites.



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