Bolivia Mountains

The highlands and seemingly impassable heights of Bolivia Mountains taunt even the most experienced climbers. Whether you've scaled Everest, Kilimanjaro or Kailas, the spectacular peaks of the Andes beckon you to a climb that is unlike any other you'll ever experience.

A third of the country of Bolivia, mainly the western part, is situated at a very high elevation. These highlands are known as the Altiplano, which has quite a bit of diversity within itself - from the massive plateaus La Paz is situated or the Bolivia Mountains, which surround it. The majority of the population of Bolivia calls this area home. The natural wonders of the Altiplano are plentiful, and so many rather enjoyable hikes are to be had even if you are not a serious climber.

Most climbers would be wise to spend a few days enjoying the capitol of La Paz before moving on north to Lake Titicaca. This time allows your body to acclimatize to the altitude before taxing your body with the strenuous climb of the Cordillera Real of the Royal Mountain Range. This range enjoys worldwide renown for its unparalleled views of Bolivia. Cresting the top of the enormous heights to take in a view from what seems like seventh heaven it seems, you will be filled with a feeling of ecstasy. Scaling any of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia is a feat and a joy for any climber.

If you dare, try Climbing Huayana Potosi, whose other name; Kaka-aka, means, 'the one who came from the rocks'. This is a tempting summit, certainly one of the giants of Bolivia. A half days' hike from La Paz, this easily accessible peak is a must for any climber that visits Bolivia.

You could easily spend a week or more climbing the Mount Condoriri range, comprised of 50 peaks with a range of difficulty and elevations which welcome the climber who wants to experience some extended time and camping and trekking.

Visible from the capitol of La Paz, the forbidding peak of Illimani summons any hardy adventurer daring enough to scale its snow-covered face. 7 peaks make up this highest of all the mountains in the Cordillera Real, the southern peak being the tallest of all the Andes Mountains in Bolivia.

A number of trails will take you to the top. You can try the straightforward ascent from the west, or challenge yourself by taking on of the more difficult routes. Be sure to give yourself a few days to take in the climb and savor the lovely alpine setting. By the third day you will have reached the summit at a leisurely pace, where you can absorb some of the best views of the Cordillera Real from the top of Mount Illimani.

Whether you spend a couple days Climbing Huayana Potosi or meandering for a week or more through the Mount Condoriri range, the views and tranquility you will experience in the Bolivian Andes is an utterly transforming experience.

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Bolivia Mountains

Bolivia Mountains

The highlands and seemingly impassable heights of Bolivia Mountains taunt...

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