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Rugged terrain, a stunning a dramatic variety of vividly contrasting landscapes, and a surprising lack of development make a Bolivia tour a truly invigorating experience. Bolivia has long been a sought after destination by travelers seeking adventures.

The Amazon basin falls in the northeastern region of the country. Surprise downpours, the chirping of exotic birds, and the lush forest canopy all imprint themselves on your psyche. On your Amazon tour you might stumble upon a huge anaconda as it slowly digests its dinner, or catch a glimpse of an alligator as it prowls the murky waterways of the Amazon Rain Forest.

Tours in Bolivia can vary from a canoe eco tour of the jungle, or you can try one of the many routes on the rugged bike tours, walking and sightseeing on the ancient Inca paths and roads. History buffs will enjoy following the journey of Che Guevara, whose last stand was here in this country. He also toured the South American continent by motorcycle, and you can explore these areas on foot and by bus.

The wilderness and culture of Bolivia has remained largely unchanged over the years. The lack of roads and development is both a blessing and a curse for the visitor to Bolivia. In the summer, heavy rains flood many of the roads, and while the winter can be dry and sunny, the freezing temperatures can make travel a challenge, especially at night.

Bolivia Tours

You can meet some of the most interesting travelers the world over on a Bolivian tours, so this is a great way to experience Bolivia and meet like-minded types.

Santa Cruz is an unorthodox but excellent place to start a bike tours in Bolivia. For 80 miles out of town the road is paved so this makes the start of your journey relatively painless as you travel to Aquile. Traffic, llama trains, and a slight ascent in the roads elevations are challenges one might face test even the hardiest of cyclists' endurance. Tour guides know the best places to stop, and you will soon learn that a table with a white cloth outside of a home means that fresh bread is for sale. As simple as this may seem, warm, fresh bread after cycling through the dark morning in 12-degree weather is like a taste of luxury.

America Tours operators a number of tours in Bolivia - one being the tour of Madida national park, part of the Amazon rain forest. These 5, 4,3, or 2 days programs include a stay at either the Chalalan or the San Miguel de Bala Eco Lodge. Wildlife lovers might enjoy their tour to the lowlands, or Pampas near the village of Santa Rosa, in the southeastern part of the country. The abundance of wildlife here rivals even the Amazon itself. Here you might see one of the three types of monkeys, pink river dolphins, and the South American Ostrich. Rivers wind through the distinct geography of these lowlands, teeming with flora and fauna.

Bolivia Tours

A tour of the desolate salt flats of Uyuni, in the southwest corner of the country, is also an indelible experience. From its Andean heights to its rustic lowlands to the visual repast that is to be had on an Amazon tour, in every corner of this country is a scene that will ignite your imagination. The vivid colors and the stunning scenery of your next Bolivia tour will create an indelible imprint upon any travelers' psyche.

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