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From strenuous hikes in the Andean highlands to an eco tour to the steamy depths of the Amazon Rain Forest, Bolivia treks offer you an opportunity to get a whirlwind tour of the country, led by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. When visiting a country like Bolivia, with its stunning array of ecological and geographical diversity, you'll miss out if you don't explore the different regions of this incredible country.

Treks in Bolivia can encompass anything from the feast of the senses that is the jungle paradise of the Amazon Rain Forest to the humble abodes tucked away in the mountainside in the shadow of white-capped volcanoes of the Sajama National Park.

Andean Treks specializes in adventure travel guided by these informed and experienced tour specialists. On their Llama trek of the Cordillera Real, or the royal range, 6 days are spent above 14,000 feet, and you will conquer 5 summits of the more than 50 in the Cordillera Real. In total, their 14-day package is a great all inclusive tour- between La Paz and Lake Titicaca, you spend at least a week acclimating to the elevation before moving on to the Cordillera Real.

Bolivia Treks

This trek gives you an opportunity to enjoy the stunning views with the added convenience of having a hardy llama haul most of your gear. These animals are a much better adapted to the higher elevations and have great physical stamina for negotiating the rugged terrain of the Bolivian mountain passes. You get to save your energy for the hike and have to carry only a daypack on this, one what is nonetheless one of the more challenging Bolivian treks.

Their Bolivia for Adventurers tour is an 8-day trip, offered during the summer months. Five nights of camping and only two nights in a hotel, and a host of different cities to visit make this an exciting introductory trip to Bolivia with a good variety of environments to enjoy. You'll start with a day in Sucre, at 9,150 feet, is a city of mid-level elevation, which is a good place to get acclimated to the high altitudes of Bolivia.

Next you'll go to Tarabuco, and enjoy the rural atmosphere and explore the interesting market. You'll get to experience the old world charm of the colonial cities of Sucre and Potosi and finish it off at Sajama National Park, with a return to La Paz on your last day.

Condor Journeys and Adventures leads 14-day Royal mountain range treks, and you are given the option of upgrading to superior or deluxe class. Excursions such as a trip to the lakeside resort of Copacabana Village when you are at Lake Titicaca on day 14.

Avdentureco offers a number of treks in Bolivia. This company has a great deal of variety for travelers, up to 9 different itineraries for whatever part of Bolivia you wish to explore. An easy 1 day Tiahuanico trek might be a good place to start, or if you are ready for a challenge, brace yourself for the strenuous high-altitude climbing you will encounter on Adventureco's 14-day Cordillera Real Traverse Trek.

Bolivia Treks

While its best to do some research on the Internet when you're deciding on which trek you would like to take, a number of Bolivia trekking and expedition companies have offices in La Paz and other cities in Bolivia. If you plan on returning again, pay them a visit while you have the opportunities and pick up a brochure. Before your adventure is even over, you will find yourself planning your next Bolivia travel, dreaming of the magnificent vistas that still await your discovery.



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