Should you be looking to do some mountain climbing in Bolivia, you might turn your attention to Condoriri. A region that consists of a grouping of thirteen different peaks, it offers plenty of climbing opportunities, and you can always do some trekking if you prefer. Either way, the scenery is absolutely amazing.

The highest peak in the Condoriri region is known as Nevado de Condoriri. It tops out at 18,530 feet and is often referred to simply as Condoriri. Should you wish to do some serious climbing while in the immediate region, it is certainly one of the mountains to tackle. The base camp for Nevado de Condoriri is found next to a beautiful lagoon that is known as Chiar Khota. After resting there, those who wish to summit can expect the climb to the top to last at least six hours. It often takes longer due to weather conditions, and sometimes it is necessary to set up camp at the base of the glacier.

The Condoriri region helps to form the larger Cordillera Real mountain range. This range is home to other peaks that many people like to climb, and it can also make for an excellent hiking destination. While trekking through the area, you can expect to stumble upon amazing lookouts, some of which provide views of Lake Titicaca. It’s also common for hikers to spot llamas, flamingos, and condors.

Guided hiking and/or climbing tours that include camping can be arranged for those who are interested in pursuing such activities in the Condoriri region. Generally, it is recommended that tourists hire a guide, with La Paz being a good place to do so. From La Paz, the drive to the small town of Tuni usually takes between two and three hours. This town is sort of a staging point for Condoriri tours, though it offers little in the way of services should you be planning on showing up alone.

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