Cordillera Real

The Cordillera Real is one of the most renowned mountain ranges that can be found in Bolivia. Beginning just southeast of Lake Titicaca, this portion of the larger Andes mountain range extends for some 90 miles and is home to six summits that are higher than 19,685 feet. The tallest peak in the pack is known as Illimani. It rises to an elevation of 21,122 feet and is one of the many lofty mountains that essentially frame the city of La Paz.

As far as tourism is concerned, the Cordillera Real attracts outdoor enthusiasts with its hiking and climbing opportunities. People come from all over the globe to ascend to the top of such peaks as Illimani and Huayna Potosi, and there are plenty of wonderful hiking trails for those who prefer to trek instead of climb. Tours are easy to arrange, with La Paz being a good place to start, and they cater to hikers and climbers of virtually all levels and interests.

Bolivia’s Cordillera Real mountain range features plenty of glaciated areas. As such, climbers who wish to take on higher peaks such as those that are part of the Condoriri group can expect to encounter snow and ice at some point. January to March can be a particularly snowy time in the Cordillera Real, so many hiker and climbers avoid this period. As for the peak climbing season, that runs from June to September, and generally speaking, the weather conditions are usually quite good for most of the year.

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