Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi is a mountain that many Bolivia visitors look to climb. In fact, it is the most popular climb in the country. This is largely due to the fact that you can find this high-rising peak only some fifteen miles north of La Paz. The ease with which it can be accessed is simply hard to beat.

Huayna Potosi rises to an elevation of 19,974 feet and helps to form the Cordillera Real mountain range. In spite of its lofty height, many climbing experts consider it to be a rather easy mountain to climb. You certainly don’t need to be the most experienced climber if you wish to reach the summit, as the normal route is pretty straightforward. That being said, some challenges should be expected if you wish to reach the top of Huayna Potosi. Some portions are steep and icy, and the exposed ridge section is not to be taken lightly.

Should you find yourself in La Paz, you will notice Huayna Potosi rising up in the near distance. Chances are good that if you enjoy fun trekking adventures you might also get the temptation to climb this natural landmark. Should that be the case, you should know that it generally takes two or three days to complete the climb. The journey starts with a ride up the valley to a base camp. From the base camp, a hike that can last anywhere from an hour to three hours is required to get to a higher camp. At this high camp, there is a simple refuge where climbers sleep before making their summit attempts. These summit attempts are most often executed between midnight and 3 am. After summiting, most people hike back down to high camp and grab some lunch before descending even further to base camp. Guides can supply all the necessary gear should you need it.

As a side note, if you are fortunate enough to sit atop Huayna Potosi on a clear morning, the views are utterly divine. Among the things that you can see are the surrounding mountains of the Cordillera Real, Lake Titicaca, and part of the Bolivian Altiplano.

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