Potosi Hotels

Approachable and affordable, Bolivia is a backpackers heaven. Whether you are on a budget or wanting to sample the best of Bolivia, hotels in Potosi, Bolivia offer so much variety that you are sure to find one that fits the bill. Meet other climbers or lovers of South American culture on a whirlwind continent tour.

The double rooms at the Hostal Libertador are a very reasonable $19 USD for a double room, which you will find clean, well lit and comfortable. At these prices explore going for the three person suite for $50, and up to four people can sleep comfortably in a junior suite for only $16.25 each, a total of $65 a night.

Potosi has a reputation for being a very cold city, with nighttime temperatures dropping to the 30s as well as having been known to experience freezing rain. Potosi is also known for its churches and outstanding architectural and historic monuments, but it is not a large metropolitan city such at the capitol of La Paz, which has every modern convenience for the weary traveler as well as having a great deal of variety in terms of accommodations.

Potosi hostels and lodges include many hotels that don't have heat, so if you're visiting in the generally sunny but cold winter months, the Hostal Colonial, at $43 USD for doubles and full suites for $65, seems like an obvious choice. This Potosi hostel has clean, comfortable rooms, large bathrooms, a lovely inner brick courtyard and it is convenient location only steps from the town center.

The Hotel Santa Theresa is a great value for a quality accommodation. Enjoy your stay at this pleasing Potosi Hotel, only $35 for their doubles and the junior suites here are only $40. Guests that have allergies to dust might appreciate the lack of carpet in the rooms. Hardwood laminate, cheerful bedspreads and large, sun-filled rooms greet you at this comfortable hotel. For your convenience The Hotel Santa Theresa is strategically located near the town center.

It is obvious that the rates for accommodations are very competitive, which is great for you, the visitor. The relaxed and modest accommodations that are easily found here in Potosi are a perfect backdrop for this colonial city. Through your large windows of your Hotel in Potosi, Bolivia, you can hear the town come to life under the early morning sun.

Hotel El Turista is a colonial style hostel, with a central courtyard. At this Potosi hotel you can enjoy a large room that is only 2 blocks from the center of town for only $7 with the option of an added breakfast for only $1. Hostal Compania de Jesus is just around the corner from the town square. This is a great option as well- the single privates are only $7.50 or you can opt for the private with 3 beds a share it with a friends or two for only $4.25.

With no lack of cheap Bolivia hotels, Potosi is accessible and affordable for even the low-budget traveler. Potosi Hostels are abundant, clean, and easy to find. They will give ease, convenience and value to your visit to Potosi. If you are traveling with that special someone and are looking for value but need to have privacy, there is no lack of Cheap Potosi hotels. The authentic meals, warm service, and clean accommodations will make you feel right at home as you explore Potosi.

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