Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni bears a peculiar name fitting to its interesting scenery. A tour of the town of Uyuni and the Uyuni Salt flats, 6,000 square miles of blinding and dramatic white salt desert, which are just outside town, will impress upon you the unique and diverse of terrain of Bolivia. Many visitors to Bolivia overlook this unusual destination for other, better known sites such as Sucre or Potosi.

The stunning geological formations, geothermal springs and brine lakes, and a brilliantly white salt desert create an alien landscape. Aside from enjoying being the hub of activity from adventurous visitors on their own Bolivia tours, this place is a hub for salt production. It is thought there are reserves of 10 billions tons of the white salt.

A drive through Uyuni Salt flats is visually captivating. The deep blue sky of the South American sky contrasts vividly against the pristine white salt sands. Tours in Bolivia are punctuated by sunsets and sunrises that are especially dramatic - white sands reflect the rainbow of colors that paint the South American dusk.

In the middle of this salt sea lies a waterless oasis. La Isla del Pescado, or the Island of Fish, is named for the shape of a fish it appears to have as you approach. It is the only sign of life for miles.

The giant cactuses, otherworldly as they are, jolt you out of your illusion to remind you that you are actually in a desert on a Bolivia tour. But this island is in reality a desert sanctuary: besides the cactus, the vizcachas live here as well, a long tailed species of rodent and distant cousin of the chinchilla.

Although a visit here would generally be considered off the beaten path, no tours in Bolivia would be complete without a visit to Salar De Uyuni. Another impressive monument to the list of features that are unique to Bolivia, this place bears the distinction of having the largest salt plain in the world. Traditional methods with which the salt is harvested will enrich your trip with a taste for what everyday life is like for the people that live here.

Salar de Coipasa is another crystalline field, a smaller 35 miles in diameter. If you do visit here, keep in mind this region is very remote and picture taking of the people that live here is discouraged.

The countries of South America all present the diversity of geography in this magnificent continent, home of the Amazon and the greatness of the Andes. Bolivia, at the heart of the South American continent, is a fine representative of the beauty of its natural wonders. All the tours in Bolivia should include a stop at the Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats.

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