Things to Do in Bolivia

Bolivia travel presents varied set of options for the traveler that enjoys choice. Jungle Eco-tours, exhilarating mountain treks, brisk lake excursions or lazy afternoons drifting aimlessly through relaxed markets are just a few of the opportunities which await you in Bolivia. If you're wondering where to begin planning your trip, keep these ten suggestions in mind.

* A Bolivia tour can consist of a guided boat tour of the Upper Amazon basin, complete with a stay in an eco-lodge. Paddle through Chalalan lagoon as you enjoy the insight provided by your guides.

* The Chalalan Eco-Lodge is a sanctuary in the jungle run by native Indians, living repositories of cultural treasures. A visit here will allow you to further appreciate the careful attention that is taken by these Indians to preserve their traditional ways of life. Visiting them and enjoying one of their tours is the best way for a visitor to express his support of the local native population of the tropical rainforest of Bolivia.

* Bolivia trekking Lake Titicaca - follow obscure Inca paths and ancient trails as you slowly journey along the shores of this impressive lake. 121 miles long and 45 miles wide, and being highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca is easily a highlight of any Bolivia tour.

* Ponder the puzzling ruins of Tiahunico and the spiritual signifigance of the Island of the Sun. The totora (woven reed) boats is an ancient tradition of the people that live on reed islands of Lake Titicaca is truly an amazing feat of native artistry.

* From the Capitol of La Paz, the forbidding peak of Illimani becks any hardy adventurer daring enough to scale its snow covered face.

* Huayna Potosi is another memorable climb, with some of the most stunning vistas in South America. You can see miles in every direction from the peak of this mountain. This trek may just the most rewarding and memorable climb of a lifetime. With it miles of alpine ridges and pristine views, Bolivia trekking is a must for anyone that is serious climber.

* In La Paz there is the witches market that is unlike any other. Marvel over the dried llama fetuses, offered to the gods in prayer, and get lost in a conversation about the qualities of a potion being offered for sale. The unique regional candy of Sucre is delicious and fun to try and beautiful hand crafted silver that is to be found in all parts of the country is also a great value for the bargain hunter.

* To the northwest of the capitol are ancient routes that draw visitors to them. A relaxed jaunt to the Zongo Valley ice caves will acclimate you to the high altitudes of Bolivia climbing and get you ready for a longer trek.

* A three-day hike to Coroico from La Cumbre is also popular. The Cordillera Real is a chain of mountains containing over 50 summits, comprised of some of the highest peaks in Peru.

* Sorata, Bolivia is another place you cannot afford to miss. If you came here and didn't go and later learned of it, you would be filled with regret. Visitors from all places agree that Sorata is one of the most picturesque places in the entire country. Take the 6-mile day hike to the underground lake at a leisurely pace, enjoying the lush vegetation of this fertile valley, with the soaring peaks on Illampu and Ancohuma looming high above.

Surce, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, is a living treasure. Some of the finest examples of Bolivian weaving is here, the colorful displays of geometric shapes and ancient designs are distinctly Bolivian.

Though at times it may seem desolate, Bolivia has such an incredible variety of sights and geography that learning the wonder of them all could take years.

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