Alter do Chao

Alter do Chao isn’t your typical Brazilian beach destination. For starters, it isn’t found on the coast. Instead, this resort village is located inland near the Amazon port city of Santarem. It sits on the banks of the wide Tapajos River, and the beach that is mostly responsible for attracting tourists is a natural sandbar.

The Alter do Chao sandbar beach sits right in front of town and is quite picturesque. The light-colored sand helps the small island of sorts stand out, and due to the lovely nature of it all, this island is often referred to as the Island of Love. The sandbar beach that is the Island of Love is at its biggest and best between the months of June and December, as this is when the water levels are typically down.

In addition to hanging out on the beach, Alter do Chao visitors are known to explore Lago Verde in rented canoes. This body of water is a calm lagoon, and the village sits right at its entrance. It is also possible to arrange boat tours in Alter do Chao, and the area is home to an excellent indigenous art store.

To get to Alter do Chao, many people take a bus from Santarem. The trip takes about 45 minutes. Another idea is to arrange a visit as part of a cruise ship shore excursion. However you get there, a wonderful beach will be waiting. Beachgoers, it should be noted, can take advantage of the resident tents and shacks that sell such things as soft drinks, beer, and fried fish.

Image: borderlys (flickr)

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