Amazon Jungle Tours

Brazilian Amazon jungle tours bring you face-to-face with one of the biggest influences on the world's fragile eco-system - the Brazil's rainforest. The import role the rainforest plays on the world's eco-system is one of major reasons why more and more travelers are taking the adventure of a life time and going on Brazilian Amazon jungle tours - to get back to nature and come into contact with over 15,000 different species of animals, an array of amazing fauna and plants, and a variety of birds that are a sight to behold.

Some of the highlights that you can experience on Brazilian Amazon jungle tours include a visit to the Caratinga Biological Station; Lake Janauari Ecological Park; Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden; and river tours.

Caratinga Biological Station An important Rain Forest preservation area, Caratinga Biological Station, located on the outskirts of the city of Ipanema, was previously a coffee plantation and cattle ranch that has now been converted into a nature preserve. Jungle tours here include the chance to hike the trails around the station, where if you are fortunate enough you'll come across the muriquis and buffy-headed marmoset (both now considered endangered and rarely seen anywhere but here). Aside from the chance to see truly endanger species in their natural habitat, jungle tours here also afford you the chance to bask in a variety of Amazon bird species.

Lake Janauari Ecological Park Located approximately an hour from Manus, the jumping off destination into the Amazon jungle, Lake Janauari Ecological Park is located in 9,000 acres of wooded land forest. Famous for its wild flowers and plants, visitors to Lake Janauari Ecological Park can take day treks from Manus or spend longer periods jungle trekking through the park to see the many animals and birds that have made this their habitat.

Adolpho Botanical Garden Unlike most botanical gardens you may have previously visited, Adolpho Botanical Garden is a sizeable 100 square kilometers in size! Located to the east of Manus, the gardens have a variety of trails that visitors can trek as part of their Amazon jungle tour experience. The gardens are also fairly conveniently located near to Lake Janauari Ecological Park - meaning that visitors can take in the specialness of both at the same time.

If you do decide to trek through the Adolpho Botanical Garden and Lake Janauari Ecological Park, make sure you take care to arrange adequate sleeping arrangements and don't think you can sleep under the stars in a sleeping-bag: remember, you are still in a wild, animal and insect infested jungle!

River Tours For those of you who would prefer to do your Brazilian Amazon jungle tour on the water, rather than trekking the land, a number of tour operators do river water tours through the Amazon along the Rio Negro and Rio Solimones. Brazilian Amazon jungle tours by river usually start from Manus and last anywhere up to a week. On the boat you should have opportunity to see a large number of the bird species living in the jungle and possibly some of the land-based animals as they come to the water for a drink. Just stay away from the anaconda and piranha!

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