Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots can be found throughout the Amazon Rainforest region. Many are known quite simply as Amazon parrots. This genus– the Amazona genus–is native to the New World. Its range actually extends from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Most Amazon parrots are predominantly green in color, and depending on the species in question, they can have accenting colors that are rather vivid. For this reason, many bird watching enthusiasts who take to the Amazon region hope to spot plenty of parrots.

While there are many different species of Amazon parrots, these birds as a whole share common characteristics. In relation to diet, they mostly dine on nuts, fruits, and seeds. Other things, such as leafy matter and insects, serve to supplement the main diet, and it is interesting to note that parrots of the Amazon Rainforest are known to eat clay. Experts believe that eating clay helps parrots neutralize the effects of toxic seeds and fruit. Take a rainforest tour in such countries as Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, and you just might see parrots hanging out at a clay lick.

Not all Amazon parrots are mostly green in color. Take the hyacinth macaw, for example. Native to eastern and central South America, these birds have predominantly blue feathers. There’s also scarlet macaws. As the name would imply, these types of parrots are mostly scarlet in color. They also have dazzling yellow and blue accents. Regardless of the species and its color, the typical Amazon parrot is rather smart. The ability of these birds to mimic human speech has contributed to the fact that they have been kept as pets for centuries on end.

Those who wish to see Amazon parrots during their South America vacation are encouraged to book a rainforest tour of some kind. Of course tours that focus on bird watching are the most ideal, though there are many tours that center on the area's rich wildlife. Since most of the Amazon Rainforest is found within the borders of Brazil, this large country is a good place to start when looking to arrange such tours. Many of the Brazil bird watching tours that take place in the rainforest involve cruising along the Amazon River and searching for native species in the trees.

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