Riverboat Tours of the Amazon

No trip to Brazil would be complete without embarking on riverboat tours of the Amazon. You don’t have to hike or explore on foot to catch a glimpse of the Amazon rain forest, you can do so from the seat of a riverboat as well. This way you can explore the dense foliage of the Amazon rain forest while also enjoying excellent service.

When it comes to Amazon rain forest and jungle tours, small boats allow you to penetrate deeper and encounter more flora and fauna. Not only will you see exotic animals (including an incredible variety of birds) but these tours also include encounters with local tribes that will provide some insight into their way of life.

Many travelers wonder what type of animals they will see during riverboat tours of the Amazon. While there are no guarantees, the wide range of possibilities includes several species of monkeys, river dolphins, manatees, alligators, colorful butterflies, and more. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open during your tour from start to finish.

A popular choice for travelers to Brazil is to plan Amazon rain forest and jungle tours as a side trip from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Seeing this fragile ecosystem with your own eyes will be an incredible contrast to the urban life of Rio de Janeiro.



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