Rio Negro

For many travelers, a highlight of a trip to Brazil is an excursion on the Rio Negro in the Amazon rainforest. Small boats allow you to get deeper into the rain forest and encounter a wide range of wildlife. Whether you’ve always wanted to see a monkey in the wild or are an avid birdwatcher, a boat tour of the Amazon will be perfect for you.

It is possible to plan river cruises in the Amazon as a daytrip from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Some travelers are worried that this type of excursion will suck up a significant amount of time, but the truth is, it is easy to plan this type of boat trip as a daytrip from working on your golden tan at Brazil’s most famous beaches.

During a tour of Rio Negro, there are several other options for activities too. Adventurous travelers might want to get out of the boat for some canoeing, fishing, or trekking. Whether you decide to stay in the boat or opt for some activities, you will see a range of animals including river dolphins, butterflies, alligators, monkeys, and more. Some lucky visitors will even spot a jaguar.

When it comes to river cruises in the Amazon, another highlight is encounters with the local tribes. Travelers with an interest in this way of life will learn a great deal from their guides about the medicinal quality of plants found in the rain forest. There is endless knowledge to gain from this incredible ecosystem.

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