Balneario Camboriu

Are you looking for Brazilian beaches that will take your breath away? Beyond the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo there are many more options for gorgeous coastal destinations. In the southern stretches of the country, one popular beach destination is Balneario Camboriu. Sunny days and lively nightlife attracts a large number of tourists, particularly during the summer season. Days at Camboriu Beach can reach temperatures higher than 100 degrees, encouraging visitors to cool off with a refreshing swim. All year long the water remains at a comfortable temperature for swimming.

Travelers who want a beautiful stretch of golden beach and a range of hotel choices will love Balneario Camboriu. The beach here stretches for almost four miles, and is as famous for its beach sports as it is for its fireworks on New Years Eve. While nightlife and towering buildings are part of the story at Camboriu Beach, another part is the incredibly unspoiled landscapes. If you venture beyond the hotel beaches, you will be rewarded with natural landscapes and almost-empty beaches. That type of scenery is one that is worth working a little harder to find.

After a few days of soaking up the golden sun, you might be tempted to indulge in some beach activities. A small port here is the place for all water excursions, including fishing and boat tours. If you’re looking for something even more adventurous, one of the best ways to see this beach is from the seat of a helicopter. From banana boat tides to pirate ship tours, there are many options for entertaining the kids if you’re planning a family trip. It is also possible to avoid all of this entertainment by simply crossing the river to the section of the beach where tall buildings aren’t allowed and a quiet atmosphere reigns supreme.

In Balneario Camboriu there are several gorgeous beaches to choose from. If you’re looking for one of the most famous nudist beaches in Brazil, spend some time on the shores of Praia do Pinho. Travelers will find great carnival parties at this beach. If you’re looking for that perfect unspoiled beach, check out Taquarinhas Beach, often simply called “paradise.” You won’t find any construction near this untouched, small beach. Another serene beach option is Taquaras Beach. Wherever you decide to kick off your sandals, you will find the golden shores that Brazil is famous for.

Another side of Camboriu Beach is the fact that it is a popular destination for senior citizens. Many seniors own second homes here and spend part of the year soaking up the sun. This goes to show just how diverse this beach town is. Only in Brazil would a beach town that is popular with senior citizens also have an incredible nightlife scene. From eco tourism to water sports, indulging in local restaurants to discovering unspoiled beaches, there are many ways to enjoy your trip to Balneario Camboriu.

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