Blumenau Santa Catarina

Blumenau Santa Catarina is located in the southern region of Brazil south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The region is a subtropical paradise for vacationers with azure-colored waters bordered by miles of beachfront. The picturesque city enjoys mild winter temperatures averaging in the 60-degree range and perfect summer temperatures in the mid-80s. The capital of Blumenau Santa Catarina is Florianopolis, which is conveniently located a short distance from the Hercilio Luz International Airport making your travel to Blumenau quick and easy.

When visiting Blumenau, you will see examples of the multi-culture heritages of German, Italian, and Portuguese inhabitants through the architecture of the buildings and the cities local customs. In photos of Blumenau, the city streets are reminiscent of decorative and ornate Swiss chalets. The best time to travel to Blumenau is to celebrate the country’s largest and most popular event with the traditional celebration of Oktoberfest that takes place in October. The largest Oktoberfest celebration is held in Germany, where the tradition originated, in the city of Munich. Blumenau is ranked second as having the largest Oktoberfest beer festival. During the festival, visitors enjoy music, food, dancing, singing, and a variety of beers.

When visiting, whether it is during Oktoberfest or other times of the year, take advantage of the scenic beauty, detailed architecture, and cultural attire as well the beaches by taking a few photos of Blumenau—along with the Amazon rainforest and Christ the Redeemer above Rio, it’s one of the most unique and scenic places you’ll see anywhere in the country.

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