Brasilia Brazil

Brasilia Brazil
Brasilia Brazil

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and is a city of striking contemporary appearance . The city itself was planned as well and was inaugurated on April 22, 1960. Brasilia was given the title "Cultural Patrimony of Humanity" by UNESCO and to date it is home to more than two million inhabitants. It's well worth procuring a window seat on your flight into Brasilia as the city was designed by Costa to imitate the shape of a bird and is striking when viewed from the air. There are many attractions in this lively city including The Cathedral which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and lies directly opposite from the the Law Courts. Oscar Niemeyer designed many other famous buildings in Brasilia, some being fairly major tourist sites such as the Congress, Palácio do Planalto, University of Brazil Palácio dos Arcos (also known as Itamaraty), the Cathedral, the National Theater and the Palace of Dawn (Palácio da Alvorada).

When choosing a Brasilia hotel it's good to know that the ample majority are located in two hotel districts both within roughly 10 minutes walking distance from each other and also from the city's shopping areas. The first is the north hotel section in Brasilia and is called Seto Hoteleiro Norte. The second is the south hotel section in Brasilia and is called Setor Hoteleiro Sul. Any top-notch Brasilia hotel you choose should offer maps of the different areas where you can find markets and shops, restaurants, attractions and entertainment. When choosing a Brasilia hotel prices range from approximately 45USD and up but always be sure to check rates before booking. Many hotels offer shuttle service, in-house dining, and a guest services desk to help with reservations depending on which hotel you chosen. In Brasilia Brazil traditional events take place throughout the year. Brasilia's city birthday falls on April 21st and the program always includes a great variety of shows with Brazilian singers and a well charged feeling from locals celebrating throughout the day. There are a few large festivals that occur in June to celebrate certain Catholic saints and are traditionally called "festas juninas" or June festivals. The main event in August is called "Micarecandanga" a musically charged type of carnival. Christmas in Brasilia Brazil is a widely celebrated and a very important time of year for Brazilians. New Year's Eve normally hosts many major events around the entire city including a brilliant selection of shows with Brazilian musicians and fireworks lighting up the night's sky.

When disembarking your flight to Brasilia you'll notice the contemporary look of the city's airport which was refurbished in 2003 and is now capable of receiving 7.4 million passengers a year. Named Juscelino Kubitschek the airport has one of the longest runways in Brazil and a second runway was constructed and opened in 2005. After arriving on your flight to Brazil there are 3 floors of shops to peruse between any lay-overs and there is a restaurant plaza which boasts panoramic views of the surrounding area. On the fourth floor there is a movie complex with four theaters to pass time away in. When flying into Brasilia travel away from the airport is fairly easy. The airport is located only 11 kilometers from the city center and there are many taxis and buses which connect the airport to the central area of the city. Be sure to fix a price with the driver before you take a taxi ride or take a recommended metered taxi if you're not aware of the going rates.

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