Brazil Cruises

A Brazil cruise can be an extraordinary way to experience the many fascinating sights and sounds of one of the most captivating South American countries. The choices in cruises to Brazil are enormous, allowing visitors to choose destinations they find most intriguing. Brazil Amazon cruises are some of the most popular choices as are Brazil cruises around ports like Belem and Florianopolis. Cruises to Brazil can be found in many varieties, from a few days to a week or longer, depending on your preferences and budget.

More than 40% of Brazil is covered by the Amazon region maintaining some of the most intriguing aspects of the country’s geographical makeup. Brazil Amazon cruises most often depart from Manaus, the heart of the Amazon region. A large assortment of Brazil Amazon tours leave from Manaus for further exploration of the revered and spellbinding area. Some of the smaller boats used for Brazil Amazon cruises are designed especially for jungle adventures with many onboard amenities. They range from traditional hammock boats to modern vessels with shorter trip lengths of three to five days.

Houseboats are other popular types of vessels used for Brazil Amazon cruises allowing for a smaller group and a more in-depth experience with a professional Brazil travel guide. These trips explore the Rio Negro River and surrounding areas. During these adventure trips attention is focused on the rainforests and rivers around areas like the Anavilhanas Archipelago. Rainforest walks, exciting jungle treks, and river canoeing are all possible activities for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in all the Amazon has to offer.

Wildlife highlights during Amazon cruises to Brazil include limber herons, agile dolphins, thousands of beautiful, exotic birds and alligators soaking up the hot sun along the riverbanks. Sport fishing is on many agendas during a Brazil cruise as well as visiting local Amazonian tribes for a genuine look at life along the rivers. Expeditions stop at numerous points of interest throughout the Amazon jungle, exploring dense, jungle vegetation, towering trees, exotic plant species and clandestine villages.

Brazil luxury cruises are also possible throughout the Amazon and many other Brazilian coastal areas. The port of Belem is a popular starting point for many Brazil luxury cruises. Other ports of call cruises to Brazil stop at include the energetic and famous city of Rio de Janeiro. Passengers are afforded various time lines in each port of call to explore streets and avenues, spend time at some of the beautiful Brazil beaches, explore local attractions and enjoy local shopping and dining in the area.

Brazil luxury cruises also make stops in Fortaleza, Salvador da Bahia, Florianopolis and Sao Paulo. Aboard the luxury liners the best amenities, dining, activities and even shopping are all offered to entertain passengers. Most Brazil luxury cruises afford excellent Brazil holiday packages, many offering all-inclusive excursions for great value. It’s common for cruises to Brasil to feature onboard spa packages, numerous onboard restaurants and extremely luxurious cabins allowing passengers to enjoy their vacation in ultimate style and comfort.

Popular cruise lines include Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival and Princess Cruises. Cruises to Brasil can be found both on the internet, where many of the best deals are advertised, or through an experienced travel agent. A Brazil cruise could also include stops at ports in surrounding countries like Argentina, Uruguay, French Guiana and Chile. Cruises to Brazil are extremely appealing to those who prefer not to deal with potential overland transportation hassles or arrangements at Brazil hotels and resorts. Instead this type of traveler seeks the comfort and careful detail cruise ships offer for a completely worry-free vacation.

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