Brazil Day Trips

Home to some of the best beaches, most incredible rainforests and stunning wildlife, Brazil trips and Brazil tours can include a dizzying amount of scenery and cover an incredible expanse of land. Below, you’ll find some ideas regarding some of the best and most popular ways to spend a day in Brazil or find great Brazil sightseeing tours.

Rio de Janeiro

Whether you initially fly into Rio or simply make time to head to the city, Rio de Janeiro has a lot to offer for touring. Brazil trips through Rio can include time on the beach as well as time in the city; just one of the major advantages to Brazil tours of Rio de Janeiro. If you are just arriving in Brazil, you may want to head to the beach nice and early to avoid the scorching rays of the afternoon sun. After enjoying the beach, you can head into the city for lunch and to begin your exploration of old Rio. Your Brazil trip through old Rio should include a trip to the Uruguaiana shopping district. After checking out the colonial architecture that graces the streets of old Rio, move toward the neighborhood of Cenelandia and on to the Arcos do Teles. In the evening, have a late dinner at a restaurant in Rio and go see a show or band at a local bar.

The Amazon

Many Brazil trips include a trek to or through the Amazon. Organized Brazil tours through the Amazon are a must, as the rainforest can be dense, confusing and even dangerous. A number of companies, however, offer organized Brazil tours of the Amazon, and for anyone who has never been they are incredible. Tours in Brazil of the Amazon will generally combine small water craft travel with hiking, and last a full day. Lunch is provided for all Amazon Brazil sightseeing tours, and trips may be booked in advance or in person in Manaus and Belem, the two largest cities near the Amazon. A trip through the Amazon will not only reveal a seemingly mysterious river and rainforest, but the most diverse ecosystem on the planet, with numerous species populating the immense foliage.

Iguassu Falls

Located on the border of Brazil and Argentina is Iguassu Falls, one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in the world. Tours in Brazil of the waterfall can be taken through organized Brazil sightseeing tours companies, or on your own. The trail that takes tourists along the Iguassu River and next to the falls is gentle and easily accessible. Iguassu Falls tours in Brazil can also be taken as a moonlight tour. Generally a guided tour, the moonlight tour offers a vision of the falls seen at night.


Ipanema is still one of the most legendary beaches in Brazil, thanks in part to the song that bears its name. And, just like in the song, beautiful Brazilians are bound to be strolling by at any time during the day. Lots of great food and activity can also be found in Ipanema, and this is a great way to spend the day.

Maracana Stadium

As those familiar and not so familiar with soccer likely know, Brazil is a country obsessed with soccer. The Maracana Stadium is the largest in the world, and seeing a game here is a life-altering experience.

Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil

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