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As a cosmopolitan country, the majority of Brazil's main cities offer tourists a wide variety of international cuisines. As it happens, eating out in Brazil is also a very affordable experience, with superb service. However, most visitors to a country want to delve into the local dishes at least once during their stay, and the following are some the national Brazilian foods you"ll see in nearly any restaurants in Brazil:

* Feijoada - the national dish of Brazil, this Brazilian food will be served to you whether you chose to eat in one of the many Brazil restaurants, or if you are more adventurous and chose to eat on the street. Feijoada is a delicious combination of rice, black beans and pork. Having said that you can get this traditional Brazilian food in any restaurant, the best time to eat this in any restaurants in Brazil is on a Sunday, as this the traditional time to eat this.

* Caipirinha - caipirinha is the national drink that is normally drank by diners in most Brazil restaurants prior to eating their Feijoada. Caipirinha is a potent, delicious lime and sugar can drink - very refreshing for the tropics!

* Caldo - Caldo is a soup dish that restaurants in Brazil normally serve before the main dish - Feijoada.

Beside these national dishes and drink, restaurants in Brazil cater for the serious meat eater, known locally Churrascarias - an all you can eat meat restaurant! However, Brazil is probably as famous for its coffee as it is for Carnival and no trip to Brazil would be complete without at least one sample of the local brew. Visitors need to be aware though that Brazilians take their coffee very strong, sweet and in small cups. Also, Brazilian culture dictates that if someone offers you a cup of coffee, you cannot refuse such an offer.

As a tropical country with dense forestation, it should be no surprise that Brazilian food also comprises of a vast array of wonderful, tasty, splendid fruits of types and sizes. So, whilst in a Brazilian restaurant, try out the cupuacu, bacuri, caju, umbu and acai.

Brazilians are fairly favorable to the idea of going to a Brazil restaurants specializing in sweets (desserts). Here, ordinary Brazilians take themselves off to a lanchonetes (snack bar) or paradise (bakery) to savor some of the finer elements of Brazilian food.

If you are traveling in or around the Manaus area, make sure you take full advantage of eating some of the local Brazilian food, as the Brazilian food in this region has been heavily influenced by African cuisine.

Finally, Brazilians end to enjoy drinking chooppe when socializing. Choppe is a locally brewed beer, which has a heavy Germanic influence in its taste. Beside this, Brazilians out enjoying themselves like to drink Caipirinha.

So, no mater where you dine out in Brazil, and regardless of whether or not you want to eat Brazilian food, restaurants in Brazil are both inexpensive and the center of some great socializing - so enjoy a night out in one of the many Brazil restaurants!

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