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Before you go on your trip, getting a Brazil travel guide before leaving will provide you with valuable information for your trip. Before the Internet, books were where travelers seeking information would turn. Travel books, a Spanish English phrasebook, or literature like Hemingway's stories about Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro drew people to online book stores and libraries.

Visitors going overseas will often have long plane, train, and bus rides, which are the perfect places to read up on your destination with one of the many Brazil travel guides that are available along the way. You can find some very inexpensive used books with free or low cost shipping at large online bookstores like Amazon Books.

Aside from whiling the hours away, having one of these handy little travel books can be a godsend helping you in many situations. A Brazil travel guide comes with maps of the city center as well as everyday phrases. They will easy to read concise lists of restaurant, accommodations, and attractions.

Lonely Planet guides are one of the most popular travel books in the world. This series covers a bevy of destinations as well as tailored guides. These books are filled with colorful photographs, well represented Brazil information and are very easy to read. Walking guides, phrase books, as well as shoestring guides for travelers on a budget are some of the Lonely Planet guides you can use to help you plan for your next journey.

If you're in the Seattle area, you can go in-person to the Amazon Bookstore and find a wide variety of guide books. Most people though would do well with a link to their online store.

Suggested: Amazon; Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Frommer's is another trusted and reliable source of up to date information on Brazil travel books. Their books can be found on all the online book stores, and their website has an extensive online travel guide as well as an email newsletter. Whether you're looking for the easiest, most portable Spanish English phrasebook or just a simple colorful guide with a map to guide you, these three main publishers should be able fill your needs when you're shopping for Brazil travel guide.

Suggested: Amazon; Frommers Brazil

Let's Go is another popular choice of travel books for young people and students. These are a fun and simple read, and have a range of information for all sorts of travelers. These guides contain a great deal of information in its small size. It too, has color photos, however, they are all grouped in part of the book, and the rest is mainly text. You will appreciate the extra information on low cost lodging and the background on the country these travel books also supply. Since 1960 they've been publishing travel guides, so this is a well Brazil known series and is highly recommended.

Suggested: Amazon; Let's Go Brazil

If you traveling through rugged and underdeveloped countries, you will find the most up to date tips and travel information. A Brazil travel guide will be one of the most important tools to help you get around the region.

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