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Deciding to go on river cruise Brazilian Amazon tours means you have the chance to see the beauty and splendors of the Amazon River up close and personal. River cruise Brazilian Amazon tours also give you the chance to unwind from the stresses of city life and you slowly meander along one of the greatest waterways in the world.

Although most river cruise operators that operate Brazilian Amazon tours start their journey in Manus, nearly all operator their riverboats (or houseboats as they are also known) for the classic one-week tour. Starting out on the Rio Negro River, depending on the time spans selected, tours usually end at the mouth of the Branco River. In between travelers can revel in the spectacular scenery of the Amazon, take time out to trek, and even have the opportunity to do some canoeing.

Riverboats plying their trade up the Rio Negro River all come fully equipped with food beverages and a crew (interestingly, the crew is not always local - some coming from as far away as the Philippines!). Shortly after departing from Manus riverboat passengers have the chance to take in one of the greatest sights of Brazilian Amazon tours, the river dolphin.

After entering the Amazon proper, the first destination most riverboats head for is Lake January, which is sourced by water both from the Rio Negro River and the Amazon itself. At Lake January the opportunity is taken to take in some local wildlife - monkeys, alligators, insects and birds. From Lake January the riverboat will proceed on to the Ariau River. Here, near the Anavilhanas islands, before settling down for the night, you can take part in one of the more exciting activities you're likely to do - piranha fishing!

From the Ariau River passengers can elect to travel to the Cuieiras River overland, giving you the opportunity to take in some local Indian tribes on the way, or continue on in the riverboat. Once passengers arrive in the Rio Branco River, usually between days 4 and 8, some of the more traditional Amazon tour activities, such as hiking and canoeing, can be undertaken. Passengers can also use this time to go ashore and check out some of the land based fascinations associated with Brazilian Amazon tours.

On leaving the Rio Branco River it is time to start heading back to Manus. The trip back is done without interruption and usually takes 2 to 3 days - meaning the round trip should not take much more than 12 days.

Keep in mind that whilst most of the traveling is done on the river ways of the Amazon, one of the beauties of river cruise Brazilian Amazon tours is that most of the evenings are spent in lodges conveniently situated along the waterway. As such, unless you chose to stay on board the riverboat, you can have the luxury of staying in a nice soft bed mixed in with the thrill of seeing the entire selection of the Amazon's various beauties from the vantage point of the water's edge. All of these make a riverboat cruise tour of the Amazon a sure winner with any visitor to the Amazon!

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