Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil sets the standard for all Carnival pre-Lenten celebrations worldwide. Originally, Carnival was a pagan custom celebrating the arrival of spring. However, Christian culture was loath to relinquish the popular festival and incorporated it into their religious traditions. Brazil Carnival begins four days before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of the Lenten season. During Lent, Christians prepare for Easter Sunday by fasting or foregoing favorite foods and activities (the requirements vary for different Christian denominations). Brazil Carnival is a great way to cut loose and enjoy life before the restrictions of Lent are imposed.

Every Brazilian city chooses its own celebratory traditions such as masquerades, parades, feasts, social gatherings, and dancing. Brazil Carnival is famous for the sexy, rhythmic samba and rumba music and dance forms, and the Rio Carnival pictures and Sao Paulo carnival photos show plenty of scantily clad carnival girls. Brazil Carnival has many parades, but the most elaborate are specifically designed to showcase plot-driven, themed samba school performances. To fully appreciate the complexity and artistry of the performances, it is helpful to understand the origins of the dance and even partake in samba lessons. Brazil Carnival performance participants delve into their roles with the help of colorful and elaborate costumes. Ateliers work up to eight months in advance making the costumes by hand. Bright parrot colors, feathers, beads, satins and sequins are typical materials used in Brazil Carnival costumes.

Of course, dancing and reveling lends itself to appetite building. The eclectic and collective tastes and flavors of the Brazilian people are reflected in their cuisine. Instead of blending flavors from the native Brazilian Indians, to the Portuguese, African, Italian, German, Syrian, and Lebanese immigrants, favorite dishes are pulled from each culture. Additionally, regional resources dictate what ingredients are used in cooking: In the north, fish and root vegetables are the predominate staples; in the south, dried meat is a frequent ingredient used in cooking.

Brazil Carnaval, the Portuguese spelling for carnival, will make an unforgettable event of a lifetime. However, to ensure it is unforgettable from a positive experience, and not a negative one, planning ahead is ideal. Brazil Carnaval is upheld as the premiere Carnival event in the world, so reservations and some research will benefit would-be Brazil Carnival goers. When making reservations, make sure you understand your hotel booking minimum night stay requirements. You should also keep in mind that Carnival in Brazil is a national holiday. If you are planning to visit Brazil with a day-in-the-life view, you might be disappointed at Carnival time; many shops are closed for the holiday. After all, who doesn't want to celebrate Carnival in Brazil?

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