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Fernando de Noronha is situated on a stunning archipelago comprised of more than twenty separate and uninhabited islands. The only one of the islands not part of the Sea National Park, named so by the Brazilian government, Fernando de Noronha is also the only settled island offering many things to do and see for visitors. While lines, crowds and swarms of visitors are a common sight throughout most popular areas and Brazil beaches like Florianopolis, Natal and Rio de Janeiro, this is just not so in Fernando de Noronha. And not possible. The area is well protected by government restrictions with less than 250 visitors allowed on the island at once. This constraint is in order to protect the unspoiled beaches and considerable sanctuaries. Though access here can be a challenge, once you've got it, you're headed to one of the most beautiful, tranquil and naturally striking of all areas in Brazil.

Fernando do Noronha hotels are not designed like others popular Brazilian beach areas. Don't expect large, swanky Brazil hotels and mega-resorts from the accommodation in Fernando de Noronha. The commonplace situation when it comes to hotels in Fernando do Noronha is staying at locally owned pousadas where families, complete with kids and extended family, are all dining together with visitors. In exchange, you'll encounter one of the best ways to get in touch with Brazilian culture and learn more about local life. The island is also an excellent place to be for any major events and holidays as all Fernando de Noronha hotels incorporate guests into all celebrations so no one is left out.

Rather than the usual hotel stars used to rate Brazil hotels and resorts, hotels in Fernando de Noronha are classified by dolphins. One, two and three dolphins are the ratings used to classify accommodation in Fernando de Noronha, with three dolphins being the highest rating available. The majority of hotels on the island are designated one dolphin while the two and three dolphin designations are given to less than ten hotels or pousadas in each rating. Aside from the local pousadas, Fernando de Noronha hotels are quite stylish and sleek, offering luxurious amenities, upscale design and plenty of other epicurean delights.

Located in the heart of the island, Pousada Ze Maria offers lavish accommodation in Fernando de Noronha with both bungalow and suite options. Built beside the picture-perfect rock formation, named Morro de Pico, Ze Maria offers solar powered whirl pools, a beautiful outdoor pool and plenty of outdoor seating for al fresco dining. Incorporating natural, conservation-style elements and fantastic amenities along with a friendly and inviting atmosphere, Ze Maria has gone on to be one of the most loved hotels in Fernando Noronha.

Matching beautifully with paramount conservation and preservation happening all over the island, hotels in Fernando de Noronha include Pousada Teju Acu, a small cluster of eucalyptus bungalows mirroring tree houses. Each features many special Brazilian touches such as local art and lamp shades made from onion skins. Accommodation in Fernando de Noronha at Pousada Teju Acu is spectacular, with a modern design so skillfully achieved there is hardly a clear distinction between the indoors and the outdoors. Lush vegetation envelopes each and every corner of this small resort and suggests that the island truly is a paradise to be well appreciated.

With so many incredible pristine Brazil beaches, extraordinary Fernando de Noronha hotels and some of the best scuba diving in the country, the island is a prized location which is, not surprisingly, monitored carefully. With scores of activities offered for visitors, both on and off the beach , and numerous unspoiled islands to explore, this is one place that is highly deserving of the moniker "paradise." From December through March, hotels in Fernando de Noronha are packed with surfing enthusiasts there to ride the rough seas and catch some phenomenal waves. Year round, the sun shines down and warms the faces of all lucky enough to secure a visit to one of Brazil's brightest shining stars.

Image: Pousada Zé Maria

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