Florianopolis Brazil

Florianopolis, or Floripa as it is also known, is the capital of Santa Catarina state in the south of Brazil. It has a vibrant and colourful mix of the best Brazil has to offer and is located between the cities of Porto Alegre and Curitiba. There are 400-year-old forts, baroque churches beautiful colonial buildings and on the eastern side some of the best surfing in Brazil to be found. Situated in a rich farming expanse the city is a commercial and cultural mecca. The population in the metropolitan area of the island is home to over 821,000 people while the island itself is home to over 400,000 people. Florianopolis is connected to the mainland by a bridge which allows easy access to the rest of Brazil and it"s neighboring countries.

The northern half of the island of Florianopolis is the most densely populated while the southern half remains more isolated and less developed then it's northern counterpart. More then 100 white sand beaches and their prime location draw many South Americans to Florianopolis Brazil year after year. Both international and domestic flights arrive and depart from Herciliop Luz International Airport in Florianopolis Brazil. It is roughly a one hour flight from Sao Paulo and about a 2 hour flight from Rio de Janeiro and there are also daily flights running to and from all major cities in Brazil.

With Florianopolis accommodation there is an abundance of choices between many resorts, hotels, cabanas, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. There are even campsites for the more adventurous traveler. For a taste of luxury and arresting ocean views consider finding a suite directly on the beach. Most Florianopolis accommodation offers at least the basic amenities while some other higher end villas and hotels boast magnificent landscapes, artistically designed suites, spas and saunas, garden views and impressive on-site restaurants to flavour even the most finicky palates. There are many activites to be enjoyed on this sub-tropical island including gliding, kayaking, windsurfing kite surfing, nature hikes and more!

While relaxing seaside by your hotel Florianopolis keeps a vibrant and festive beat. Locals and tourists fill cafes and restaurants, music spills from daytime patios and markets and ocean front shops come alive with intent treasure hunters. At the Public Market in downtown, live music can be heard just about everday and see many local artists who's work is sold throughout the island.

According to frequent guests of the island, the best time to visit is between March and April when the sun blazes and the crowds are not too intense. Although the weather is great this time of year, be prepared to be amidst crowds of people when visiting local attractions or shopping and dining. The island's entrancing natural beauty, warm ocean waters, ongoing hospitality local good cheer keep visitors coming back for more year after year.

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