Fortaleza Ceara

Fortaleza Ceara is a popular vacation destination, particularly among travelers looking to spend time on some of the nicest beaches in Brazil. The city dates to the early 1600s and was settled by the Portuguese. In 1799, Fortaleza became the capital of the state of Ceara. One of the city’s main attractions is the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral, which is constructed in the Gothic architectural style. With its long history, Fortaleza offers many fascinating places of interest to see combined with modern attractions—and, of course, the beaches.

Located in the northeast region of Brazil, getting to Fortaleza Ceara is easy as the city has both a domestic and international airport. Travelers come from around the world to enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic and relax on the sand. Tourists have nearly endless miles of beach to explore, sand dunes to climb, and the deep-blue waters to swim, fish, or ski. The beauty of the beaches combined with a vibrant nightlife is reasons so many travelers, particularly young ones, make their way to Fortaleza.

When selecting hotels in Fortaleza Brazil, you'll find that the city has an impressive selection of accommodations for all types of travelers, whether you're on a tight budget, traveling with a large group, or heading out with the kids. There are many four-star hotels with extra services and onsite entertainment and activities available, as well as luxury hotel suites with fine dining restaurants. When it comes to hotels, you will have many choices that will suit your needs. For more private or romantic accommodations, choose from secluded vacation villas or tasteful bed and breakfasts.

Making your way through Fortaleza Brazil and accessing other areas of the city is convenient as there are many options of transportation. Rental cars, public buses, taxis, train, and bicycles for those inclined to sightsee in a leisurely manner, will get you where you want to go. For sightseeing excursions of Fortaleza Ceara, there are several guided tours of the city and surrounding areas, the Sargento Prata Zoo, and the Dragao do Mar art center with an impressive exhibit of native arts and crafts that include ceramics, paintings, and intricate embroidered items.

To receive a thorough look at the city of Fortaleza Ceara, learn its history, and explore its beaches, the available tours run from two hours to all-day adventures. The Fortaleza City Tour will guide you through the old city for a look at historical locations then guide you through the modern city of today. For beach lovers, consider taking the Canoa Quebrada tour to explore the peace and quiet of the location or the Cumbuco Beach tour with its pristine sand dunes.

Soak up some history as you walk the same sands and climb the same red dunes where French pirates hid their booty on beautiful Lagoinha Beach. At Morro Branco and Praia das Fontas beaches on the Ceara seacoast, make your way through the maze of colorful dunes then dip your toes in the refreshing cool waters. The high season in Brazil runs from December to March and is the busiest time of the year because of school holidays, foreign travelers, and the Carnival festival in February. From May to September is the low season when there are fewer crowds and lower prices.



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