Iguassu Falls Brazil

Iguassu Falls Brazil
Iguassu Falls Brazil

Spectacular, breathtaking, majestic. There's no better description of the torrents of water cascading down Iguassu Falls, one of the largest and most impressive falls in the world. The name Iguassu comes from the Guarnani Indian word meaning "great water" and the falls are one of the most famous attractions in all of South America, and many travelers plan their entire trip around the ability to see them. Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, the powerful waterfalls of Iguassu are simply stunning.

Situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the 275 falls plunge over a precipice more than a mile and a half wide with an average drop of 300 feet to the Iguazu River below. Every second, 450,000 gallons of water come tumbling down. Photographs don’t do these waterfalls justice. In order to attempt to grasp their magnitude, you must embark on tours of Iguassu Falls. Famously, when Eleanor Roosevelt saw the falls, she called Niagara Falls a ‘leaky faucet’ in comparison. Some travelers try to see Iguassu in one day, but this will be a very tiring day. Staying overnight will allow you to enjoy tours and really soak up the scenery.

Iguassu Falls Brazil
Iguassu Falls Brazil

Seventy percent of the falls are actually in Argentina, but much can be seen from the Brazilian side. Each year, millions of visitors gaze at the falls, which are 60 feet higher than Niagra Falls and about one and half times as wide. Clouds of spray continually emerge from Iguassu against a backdrop of lush tropical growth.

Iguassu Falls Hotel
Iguassu Falls Hotel

A great way to enjoy the falls in comfort is to stay at the Tropical das Cataratas Hotel, which puts on a grand display of flora and fauna in its gardens. From this hotel, the only lodging located at the core site of the Iguassu National Park, you face the awesome falls while enjoying all the amenities generally found in a four-star hotel such as this one. Beyond the falls, visitors will also encounter numerous toucans, colorful butterflies, and a variety of other flora and fauna.

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