Tours of Iguassu Falls

Straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil is one of the largest and most magnificent waterfalls in the world, and just about everyone who visits either country will make the trip to marvel at Iguazu Falls. There are tours from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls and tours to Iguazu Falls included in many Rio de Janeiro vacation packages. Large ocean cruise ships have tours to Iguazu Falls that are offered as optional shore excursions from Rio or Buenos Aires. Even Argentine and Brazilian locals often visit because of this natural wonder's easy accessibility to both cities.

Like the Niagara Falls border between New York and Ontario, Canada, tourists and locals alike pass relatively freely between the two countries, and you will find that most tours to Iguazu Falls will include both Brazil and Argentina, since the experience and views are different on each side. If you take one of the many Iguazu Falls tours from either side of the border, you will find yourself in the lush jungles and rainforests that surround the falls. In Argentina, the park and falls is called Iguazu, and in Brazil it is Iguacu (sometimes spelled Iguassu). Both are protected by UNESCO as treasured World Heritage Sites. Spreading for miles, the jungles and rainforests shelter many unique and endangered species, including rainbow colored tropical birds, unusual monkeys, the very rare giant anteater, and giant otter.

Typical of the tours from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls is an overnight (or two) stay on the Argentina side. There are a few very good choices, from mid-range to extremely deluxe resorts, located right in the park itself and boasting incredible falls views right from your room. This stay is often part of Iguazu Falls tours and Brazil vacation packages or cruise ship shore excursions. While staying here, there are many things to do other than marvel at the cascading waters. For instance, the 5-star Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa has extensive grounds leading right up to the falls. There's horseback riding, tennis swimming, bicycle paths, and beautiful landscaped grounds, all with the thunder and misting spray of the falls as a backdrop.

Tours from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls usually begin with a scenic guided walk along the Argentine side. Then, most Iguazu Falls tours will include the transportation of a train and boat ride that will take you across the border and back again. On the Brazil side of the border, you'll probably have lunch in the rainforest at a restaurant overlooking the falls. Your afternoon is then filled with a "Macuco safari." This consists of a guided drive through the rainforest in an open-sided vehicle, followed by a thrilling Zodiac boat ride on the Parana River at the foot of the falls. For those who are up for it, the boat ride will take you right into the thundering spray of Garaganta do Diabo (Devil's Throat) cataract.

You'll find that most tours from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls and Brazil vacation packages will include your transportation to and from the major airports in both countries. If you're making the trip to see Iguazu Falls on your own, you'll find that it is easily accessible by taxi whether you're on one of the flights to Brazil that lands in Sao Paulo or Rio or coming into one of the two Argentine airports that are only about 35 and seven miles from Iguazu.

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