Brazil Internal Flights

Brazil internal flights are an easy and surprisingly budget-friendly way to get around the country, providing efficient and comfortable travel. It’s particularly important if you’re trying to fit a lot of the best things to do in Brazil into one relatively short trip, in which case you may not want to spend time on the buses or trains. Airlines offer multiple nonstop flights every day, with the best variety of options available from major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and flights to destinations such as Iguazu Falls and Manaus are easily available.

The airlines with scheduled Brazil internal flights include TAP Air, Lufthansa, LAN Airlines, Air Canada, TAM, and United Airlines. Aircraft sizes vary by airline, and seats may be limited depending on the time of year you are traveling, so if you’re visiting during the peak tourist season, don’t count on being able to book seats at the last minute. The types of aircraft available vary among the airlines providing internal flights and range from small aircraft with limited seating to larger aircraft capable of carrying several hundred passengers.

Rio to Iguazu

Travel itineraries that require flights from Rio to Iguazu can be arranged through United and Tam airlines. On average, there are 20 scheduled flights from Rio to Iguazu each day with Sao Paulo being the major connection point between Rio and Iguazu on airlines with one-stop flights.

Rio to Manaus

When flying from Rio to Manaus to enjoy the city and the rainforest, flights are available through LAN Airlines and United. Seat availability varies with each airline with some flights having limited seating. LAN Airlines have the shortest flight between Rio and Manaus while United Airlines has one flight with a stopover in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo to Rio

Currently, multiple airlines providing close to 200 flights per day with various pricing for airfare offer internal flights from Sao Paulo to Rio. Pricing may vary between airlines offering nonstop versus a stopover connection in Brasilia. Airfare may also fluctuate depending on the time of year you are traveling. To receive the best airfare prices during peak season or discounted airfare during the off-season, take advantage of special vacation packages available through a travel agent, cruise line, or hotels that include reduced airfare in vacation package deals.

Sao Paulo to Manaus

Airlines providing flights from Sao Paulo to Manaus include TAM, and TAP Air. TAM operates the largest aircraft capable of transporting 328 travelers and offers three nonstop flights. TAP Air operates the smallest aircraft with seating for 156 passengers. Brasilia is the designated connection point for airlines with a one-stop layover.

Sao Paulo to Ilheus

Flights from San Paulo to Ilheus flights are available with one stopover in Salvador or you may choose direct nonstop flights. Currently, several flights are available from San Paulo to Ilheus on TAM airlines. Flights requiring stopover connections will land in Salvador.

In addition to these destinations, other places that can easily be reached via interior flights in Brazil include Fortaleza, Brasilia, and Florianopolis, among others. Brazil is a popular vacation destination throughout the year with travelers arriving from locations around the globe. When planning your vacation and making your airline reservations, keep in mind that seasonal holidays, school breaks, and the two major annual celebrations—the Carnival festival celebrated throughout the country and Oktoberfest, second only to the festival in Munich—are busy times of the year and when many tourists as well as residents make their way to various cities in Brazil.

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