Affectionately called "Jeri" by locals and visitors alike, Jericoacoara Brazil is fast on its way to becoming one of the more popular and recognized attractions of the country. It's located a bit more than 220 miles from Fortaleza (Portuguese for fort), which is the capital of the state of Ceara. It's about halfway between Belem, gateway to the mouth of the mighty Amazon River, and the city of Salavador.

Ceara is one of Brazil's smallest states, but it boasts one of the longest coastlines and some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the country. Jericoacoara Beach is one of these, and you'll find myriad things to do in Jericoacoara that more than justify a visit to this off the beaten path destination. It's becoming less and less unknown and off the beaten path, so now is the time to visit if you love unspoiled wild places, natural beauty, incredible surf and friendly local people.

Fortaleza itself is a bustling mid-size city that boasts some great urban Brazil beaches similar to their more famous cousins in Rio de Janeiro. These include Mucuripe Beach and Praia do Futuru, which is very popular with surfers. There are also numerous fabulous beaches both north and south of the city. If you're planning when to go, you may want to consider the city's off-season Carnival that occurs in July, and if you're planning to visit Jericoacoara Beach you will need to get there via Fortaleza.

If you're looking for things to do in Jericoacoara Brazil you need look no further than the sparkling white sands that frame its crystal clear waters. Like Praia do Forte near the city of Salvador, it also was a sleepy little fishing village only a couple decades ago. But today, Jericoacoara Beach has been "discovered" by surfers, wind surfers, and kite surfers from around the world. Jericoacoara Brazil is considered one of the world's best beaches for these sports.

But there are many more things to do in Jericoacoara than hop on a board and hit the waves. Jericoacoara Brazil and the nearby settlement of Prea are traditional fishing villages. You can take a jangada boat ride along the coast either to fish or simply to enjoy the lagoons and coastline. A jangada is a traditional fishing craft with pre-Columbian history as a raft. Nowadays, this is the transportation of choice among Brazil's fisherman, and it boasts a sleek silhouette, a triangular lateen sail, and surprisingly sophisticated mast.

Another of the attractions of Jericoacoara Brazil are its dunes-some of the largest, highest and most extensive in the world, rivaling those in Morocco and in the Namib Desert along the storied Skeleton Coast of Namibia. There's a burgeoning tourist industry offering sand boarding, four-wheel-drive expeditions, and dune buggy safaris into the great dunes and exploring the mangrove groves and serene blue lagoons along the coast. These Brazil day trips often venture into the fragile desert ecosystem that is protected by Jericoacoara National Park.

It's easy to experience the magic of the Jericoacoara Beach dunes without the time and expense of an all-out expedition. Within a scenic 45-minute walk of town along the beach is "Pedra Furada," a rock formation with a large hole carved by the wind and water. One of the most popular attractions and things to do in Jericoacoara is to make the pilgrimage to the famous rock to enjoy the spectacular sunset for which Jericoacoara is famous. In July and August, the setting sun actually makes an appearance in the exact center of the hole.

You can also experience the laid back atmosphere of Jericoacoara Brazil from one of several medium-priced small pensions, inns, and villas. If you're on a budget, there are also a couple clean, comfortable, and very cheap hostel-type accommodations. With its increasing popularity, there are also some exclusive Brazil hotels and ecoresorts catering to those who are looking for true luxury and pampering while they enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. And, you'll find laid back nightlife, good restaurants, and beach parties to suit all tastes.


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