Joao Pessoa Brazil

Joao Pessoa Brazil is by far one of the most scenic areas in Brazil. This cultural city, founded in 1585, is a mixture of tropical beaches and forested land. The architecture found throughout the city reflects colonial and modern styles situated among historical buildings. In addition, the 25 miles of beaches near Joao Pessoa, in addition to the beaches within the city, attract vacationers from around the world.

Located in the northeastern region of Brazil, Joao Pessoa Brazil is conveniently accessible arriving by select airlines at the Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport. Services at the airport include restaurants, banking, taxis, and rental cars. Upon arrival, the city offers a variety of public transportation options including buses, inter-city railway, and taxis.

The beaches near Joao Pessoa are some of the most beautiful locations with miles of pristine sand overlooking the inviting blue-green ocean. Joao Pessoa has many beaches to choose among, and they offer different types of outdoor activities. It’s possible to go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, jet-skiing, and diving at locations such as Cabedelo Beach, Jacare Beach, Tambau Beach, and Picaozinho reef. In addition, many travelers head to Praia do Macaco for surfing.

Within the city of Joao Pessoa Brazil, you will find many areas for sightseeing, tours, and family-friendly entertainment. While sightseeing in the city, there are many parks, museums, a fort, historic center, and historical buildings to visit. The Espaco Cultural Center houses a movie theater, planetarium, art gallery, hosts concerts, and contains the Jose Lins do Rego Museum.

The government headquarters are housed in the Redencao Palace built in 1586, which is the same year the Santa Catarina Fortress was erected. The fortress contains a chapel, captain’s accommodations, and cannons from that era. At Saint Francis Church and Saint Anthony Convent, built around 1589 and 1779, respectively, you will see beautiful examples of Portuguese ceramic panels in the chapels.

Two parks in the city are the Solon de Lucena Park and Arruda Camara Park with botanical gardens and a zoo. From the top of the Cabo Branco Lighthouse, you will have panoramic views of the beaches near Joao Pessoa and the city skyline. Two additional places of interest include the Casa do Artista Popular Museum with a fine display of crafts and the Ocean Museum of Cabedelo with exhibits of shipwrecked boats.

There are many festivals in Joao Pessoa as well, and these center on a variety of different events. In February, begin the celebrations with a street carnival to launch the start of the Carnival festivities celebrated throughout Brazil. No matter where you travel in Brazil during Carnival time be prepared for crowds, colorful costumes, parades, and fireworks. In August, locals celebrate Santa Maria Maggiore, Patroness of the City at the Festa das Neves. December brings the popular Festa do Atum dedicated to tunas, and at the end of the month, Reveillon (New Year’s Eve) is celebrated with a magnificent fireworks display on the beach.

Accommodations in Joao Pessoa Brazil include affordable youth hostels, comfortable bed and breakfasts, quality motels, three and four-star hotels, and luxury resorts. To assure guests of experiencing the best vacation, a variety of amenities, services, restaurants, and entertainment are available. Many of the accommodations are located at the beautiful beaches near Joao Pessoa.

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