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Located right in heart of the Amazonian Basin, Manaus is a popular destination for tourists looking for excursions into the exotic heartland of the Amazon. Consequently, hotels Manaus, Brazil has on offer include everything from the cheap hotel in Manaus to the luxury hotel in Manus. Those looking to stay in hotels, Manus, Brazil need, however, to consider that as a result of years of over constructed, and resulting over population expansion (Manus is know home to approximately 1.5 million Brazilians), what was once considered on of the greatest wilderness outposts the world is no longer able to claim this title. Rather, Brazil hotels in Manaus are tropical and provide travelers with all their needs.

Nonetheless, Manus does offers two great attractions to its tourist visitors. The first is obviously the chance to travel further into the Amazin Basin. The second, and slightly less well-known, attraction is the chance to see some of the world's largest sea-going ships come to port some one thousand miles inland, where they load and unload their wares (which are then taken, or brought from, further inside the Amazon!). So, whether you decide to stay in one of Manus luxury hotels, or a cheap hotel in Manus, make sure you check out this special sight!

If you're planning at trip to Manus, the following are some of the hotels Manus Brazil provides:

* Tropical Manaus
The Tropical Manaus lays claim to being Brazil's largest 5-star luxury hotel. This 589 room Brazil hotel in Manaus is tropical and is located right in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Rio Negros Riverside. Facilities at the hotel include all the usual sports and toursit events; such as swimming, kayak, bird watching and hiking. The Tropical also offers business travelers with great working amenities, making this as ideal as any luxury hotel Manaus has on offer

* Jungle Othon Palace
Located on the Rio Negro, as its name suggests that Jungle Othon Palace hotel is located in the heart of Brazil's jungle territory some 50 kilometers from Manaus. The hotel floats down the river as guests take in all the splendors of the ecological wonder - the Amazon Rain Forest!

* Novotel Manaus
The Novotel Manaus is a 164-room hotel located not too far from the airport and close to all of the tourist attractions of Manaus. Although cheap hotels in Manaus are sometimes hard to find, the Novotel Manaus is excellent value for money.

* Ibis Manaus
Ideally located close to Manaus airport, Ibis Manaus is a clean hotel located close to all of the main toursit attractions of Manus. Having said that, Ibis Manaus is probably as close as you're going to come to a cheap hotel in Manaus.

* Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge
Opened in 1995, Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge is located on the Rio Tarauma, approximately one hour from Manaus, and right in the middle of the Amazon Forest. Surrounding the lodge are over 6 miles of jungle trails that make this the ideal location for tourist seeking the Eco experience. However, the lodge also has a beach and four natural pools, meaning that you have time to relax after a hard day's trek! The lodge has 20 bungalows and 60 apartments. As a popular resort, it is recommended that booking be made early.



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