Weather in Manaus

The weather in Manaus is more variable than that of the coastal destinations in Brazil, as this city is well inland. Located in the northwest portion of the country, Manaus is in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and is a gateway for many travelers. The city has a tropical monsoon climate, with one half of the year being significantly wetter than the other half, and thus more appealing for travelers.

Winter in Manaus: The winter is part of the drier half of the year in the Amazon, with the month of August having the least precipitation. Temperatures range between the low 70s and low 90s, with the average daily temperatures usually hovering around 80 degrees. The dry weather means it’s the peak season for travelers to the Amazon, especially as it coincides with summer vacation season in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring in Manaus: The spring months, between late September and late December, still have temperatures on par with the winter, though the amount of precipitation steadily increases, from an average of about 3.25 inches in September to 8.5 inches in December.

Summer in Manaus: The summer (and early fall) is the wettest time of year in Manaus. temperatures are still comfortable, with the daily high in the mid-80s and lows around 73. The average rainfall increases from about 10 inches per month in January to nearly 13 in March. There are still plenty of sunny days, but the rainfall can be intense.

Fall in Manaus: the weather starts to dry out over the spring, with the average rainfall dropping from almost 12 inches in April to less than 5 in June, and the high and low temperatures stay the same as what you’d expect year round. The number of sunny days increases significantly, and the lush landscape and canopied forest are beautiful to explore at this time of year.

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