Meeting of Waters

Six miles from Manaus, Brazil is one of the most incredible displays of nature's majesty. No matter what you've heard, nothing can fully prepare you for a trip to Meeting of the waters, the incredible place where two distinct bodies of water meet, but don't mix. Here is where they join, without losing their distinct qualities.

Here in the Amazon, mystery surrounds you: it lies in the hidden powers of a rare plant, it lives within the heart of every Indian that call the almighty Amazon Rain Forest home, it resonates in the call of a beautiful exotic bird you can"t see but whose foreign call thrills you to the core.

The Amazon river basin, most of which lies in the enormous South American country of Brazil, has it beginnings high in the Andes, as a series of tiny tributaries. The meeting of the waters is the dramatic convergence of two of these types of waters.

As its name suggests the Rio Negro is a darker, slower, and much heavier body of water than the Rio Solimoes. Tempurate, density, velocity differences keep these two bodies of water separate for more than 6 miles before at last they join to form the great Amazon. Sloths, piranhas, anacondas and colorful parrots are just a few of the animals you might expect to encounter on a tour of the Amazon on a riverboat tour.

Indigena Waimiri Atroari is a tribe of Indians of the Amazon, just one of the many tribes that make their home here. The Amazon Rain forest itself is a precious gift of the earth, providing a great deal of the earths annual rainfall, cooling the atmosphere of the earth and providing much needed habitat for some of the largest varieties of flora and fauna in the entire world.

The meeting of the waters is part of this ecological treasure; it is evidence of the great force at work in this lush jungle habitat. From top to bottom, from beginning to end, the Amazon, from its humble beginnings high in the Andes, to where it widens to its greatest extent in the basin of the rain forest, dense with foliage.

The meeting of the waters is like experiencing two horizons at once, with the sandy beige waters of the Solimoes on one side, and a completely different vista as you look in the other direction at the darker, murky waters of the Rio Negro. The plays of light on the water amazes you as two different vistas greet you, side by side.

Enjoy the quiet and scenic end to a breathtaking riverboat tour through the waters at sunset. The brilliant red hues of the Amazonian sunset reflecting off the multicolored waters of the river create one of the most compelling views you've ever enjoyed. No matter what coast you've stood on, no matter what ocean you've gazed upon, standing here, at the meeting of the waters, before the river goes on to unimaginable depths, you realize this view is like the Pacific, because beyond you lies a place as expansive and diverse as a great ocean, this is a great ocean of life.

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