Morro de Sao Paulo

The four Morro de Sao Paulo beaches on Tinhare Island in the state of Bahia are some of the best Brazil beaches and best Bahia beaches you'll find. Even though the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo are separate, they are all referred to by the one name, differentiated only by number Beach One (or First Beach), Beach Two (Second), Beach Three (Third), and Beach Four (Fourth). Don't worry, you'll soon figure out which things to do at which beach. Your transportation to the island will be by boat, because the village of Morro de Sao Paulo has no cars.

Beach One of these Bahia beaches is closest to the village and the landing spot for the famous Morro de Sao Paulo beaches zip line (tirolesa) that runs a thrilling few hundred feet from one of the morros (hills) that give the beaches and village its name, Hill of St. Paul. The zip line runs from Lighthouse Hill, and the lighthouse itself is one of the many attractions of the village and surrounding area. This is the only of the four Morro de Sao Paulo beaches that is a good surfing beach. If you like speed, you can book a banana boat ride here.

Beach Two is the widest and probably the most crowded of the Morro de Sao Paul beaches and is where most of the sports action, like beach volleyball, snorkeling, and soccer happen. There are many bars and dining venues here, and it's a happening nightlife party spot. If you venture out for a restaurant breakfast, you're quite apt to bump into the last of the partiers from the previous evening. This is also home for the nightly (at sunset) Rodas de Capoeira performance. This former martial art is these days an acrobatically elaborate dance performed to the accompaniament of unique Brazilian instruments. As is suitable to Bahai, the most African state in Brazil, instruments have their origins in Africa.

Beach Three of these Bahia beaches has many typical small Brazil hotels, inns, and pousadas, with the attendant bars and restaurants. This is also one of the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo where snorkeling and diving are popular. Notable to the Third Beach is Caita Island, a coral reef island with wonderful diving-dive day trips can easily be booked on site. Because of the extensive coral reefs, the surfing isn't any good, but low tides create great opportunities for tide pooling.

Beach Four is the longest of all the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo as well as the most remote. Only the very beginning of the beach has any infrastructure to speak of. A coral barrier reef here creates many large serene pools that make for good snorkeling revealing a myriad of colorful tropical fish and an excellent place for beginner swimmers and children to safely get their feet wet. It's quite a distance from the main village, but your pousada or hotel will assist you with transportation so you can have a day of rest away from the bustle of the crowds.

Venture a little further from the Morro de Sao Paulo beaches and you will find more attractions and Brazil beaches, including Fort Beach that boats a seventeenth-century Portuguese fort. There's Praia do Encanto (Enchanted Beach) with its lush mangrove groves and forested streams, and popular Gamboa Beach on the mainland.

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