Morro de Sao Paulo Hotels

Morro de Sao Paulo, or St. Paul's Hill, has been completely transformed in the last two decades from a little, unknown village to a vibrant, action-packed Bahia island destination known for all night parties filled with people from around the globe. Set off the coast of Salvador, the main street of Morro de Sao Paulo is lined with restaurants and bars usually packed with tourists in high season. There are four distinct Brazil beaches known only as one, two, three, and four. A large majority of Morro de Sao Paulo beach hotels are located on beach one. Beach two is where all the parties happen. Beach three is also lined with Morro de Sao Paulo resorts and hotels and the fourth beach is the epitome of a tropical paradise, stretching as far as the eye can see, laden with rich flora, powdery sand and brilliant, equatorial hues.

Vila Guaiamú is one of the best picks in accommodation in Morro de Sao Paulo as it offers plenty of peace and quiet yet is close enough that guests can easily walk to the center of town in just ten minutes. Situated on a stunning ecological reserve, Vila Guaiamú is home to a host of vibrant blue sand crabs. Designed as one of the smaller Morro de Sao Paulo resorts, there are twenty-four rustic yet charming and comfortable cabins, each with a veranda and hammock to call your own. Each cabin is furnished simply and includes air conditioning. The onsite bar is a great place for socializing with other guests while the hotel's beachfront is ideal for a sunset massage. With only a quick jaunt to town, this is one of the best Morro de Sao Paulo beach hotels for those who appreciate the ability to choose the mood.

The array of Morro de Sao Paulo resorts includes Porto do Zimbo. This small and beautiful resort offers only sixteen rooms, keeping true to the tranquil atmosphere and laid back vibe. Suites and small apartments comprise this great choice in accommodation in Morro de Sao Paulo, some featuring the works of famous Brazilian artists. As far as Morro de Sao Paulo resorts go, Porto do Zimbo enjoys one of the most idyllic locations on the fourth beach where blissful conditions reign. The many things to do include snorkeling kayaking, swimming, boating and much more. Bicycles are available from the resort and are ideal for transportation around the area. Shaded walkways, rich vegetation, and an incredible outdoor design make Porto do Zimbo one of the best Morro de Sao Paulo beach hotels available.

The large variety of accommodation in Morro de Sao Paulo means the ability to choose the right place ideal for your exact needs and wants. Pousadas, smaller, bed and breakfast-type accommodations, line the beaches, ranging in size from small to large and everything in between. There are many accommodations to choose from and many that are available through Brazil holiday packages. Some differ from the larger Morro de Sao Paulo beach hotels only in size, offering scores of terrific services, onsite food and drinks and lovely rooms carefully decorated and beautifully furnished. Other pousadas are quite small, offering only a few rooms to let. Staying in a small pousada can be a great way to learn more about local culture from helpful and friendly hosts.

Accommodation in Morro de Sao Paulo offers a true getaway from everyday life, where only a plane or boat can whisk you into the beautiful, secluded area. Though enchantingly remote, the cluster of beach side villages have lost their original allure of total tranquility and are now largely becoming a part of the beaten path. Still, the distance seen and felt by guests offers a timeless vacation atmosphere and the beauty of experiencing existence without any bothersome traffic, a luxury most people can't afford these days.

Image: Hotel Porto do Zimbo

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