Olinda Carnival

You’ve seen the amazing Carnival pictures and heard the stories about the incredible celebrations in Brazil. But if you want to attend, where should you go? The best known option is definitely Rio de Janeiro, but after that there are several other destinations that attract a large number of travelers. If you like the images of Sao Paulo carnival and Rio carnival festivities but want to try something new, one to check out is the Olinda Carnival. There are several reasons why travelers could choose to celebrate Carnival in Olinda rather than Rio. Once you’ve seen pictures of Carnival in Olinda Brazil and read details on local celebrations, you might be tempted to book a flight.

The Olinda Carnival takes over every inch of the historic center. While some carnival celebrations take place in a controlled, small area – the whole town of Olinda celebrates this annual festival. The celebrations are also more localized. Instead of having to pay to ‘get inside the ropes’ (this happens in other destinations in Brazil) every corner of Olinda is having its own party. You will find a variety of music, food, costumes, and no red tape to get through. This one reason why people always look like they’re having so much fun in pictures of Carnival in Olinda Brazil.

Another reason the Olinda Carnival is such a festive occasion is the community spirit. While Carnival might have a reputation for being quite the rowdy event, in Olinda you will see children dancing next to their grandparents. If you’re looking for a Carnival celebration that is more about culture, music, and costumes than partying – plan a trip to Olinda. Another highlight of these festivities is the costumes. Everything from giant papier-mache puppets to costumes of politicians and celebrities fill the streets of Olinda. Whatever costume you want to wear, you probably won’t have the most outrageous one in these streets.

When you see pictures of Carnival in Olinda Brazil, you might be surprised that many of the shots are in the daytime. This is another reason why travelers love the Carnival celebrations of Olinda. While there is certainly nightlife too, a lot of the action takes place during the day. You won’t spend the whole day waiting for nighttime festivities only to be exhausted when the action finally begins. The historic district of Olinda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and makes a stunning background for a day of music and dancing in the streets. With a total of 1 million people dancing all day, this will be a celebration you won’t soon forget.

If you plan on attending Carnival in Olinda, you will want to start researching well in advance. With over 1 million people in attendance, hotels fill up incredibly quickly. Some travelers start their preparations a year in advance of the festivities. One other concern is safety. It is advised to travel in groups, especially for women. There is a large police force in Olinda, but no force could keep up with crowds this large. Women are advised not to wear any jewelry (as it could be stolen) and not to carry large amounts of cash. Follow these few simple rules, and you will enjoy every minute of the Carnival celebrations in Olinda, Sao Paulo, or Rio.

Image: Antônio CruzABr (flickr)
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