Porto de Galinhas Brazil

There are a number of beaches that lay claim to being among the best Brazil beaches. Porto de Galinhas Brazil often refers to itself as the best beach in the country. It's not that Galinhas Beach or any of the other beaches are exaggerating. It's just that there are so many great Brazil beaches, that any list of "bests" is going to be a long one. Suffice it to say that Porto de Galinhas Brazil belongs on the list.

The former sleepy little fishing village is about fifty miles south of Recife, capital of the State of Pernambuco. African slaves were the major labor source for the many sugar cane plantations in the region, and when the Brazilian government put severe restrictions on the importation of slaves in the mid-nineteenth century, the ships looked for new ports. Porto de Galinhas Brazil was one of these ports. Since it was dangerously illegal to use the word slaves, the cargo came to be referred to as chickens. Simply called "Porto" by most of the locals, the literal translation means "Port of Chickens."

Today, many Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro vacation packages include Galinhas Beach and its idyllic tide pools. The destination can also be an easy Brazil day trip from Recife. Despite its popularity and fairly extensive tourist infrastructure, Porto itself remains quite a small town with fishing an essential part of the local life and economy. But tourism is very important to the economy, and many of the private houses have been converted into those ubiquitous Brazil hotels, pousadas.

The main part of Galinhas Beach is more than eleven miles of fine, small-grain sand. There's a string of coral reefs protecting this idyllic beach, and low tides reveal the natural pools (piscinas naturais) that are one of the premier attractions that has made Porto so popular. These consist of pools full of colorful tropical fish that are great for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. We're not talking little pools; some are large enough that they can accommodate thirty of more swimmers. The fish have become accustomed to visitors, and tamely approach humans for food carried by the boatmen. Feeding the fish is one of the most popular things to do here.

Don't worry too much about the conservation and ecology of this practice. Porto de Galinhas Brazil and the entire country is very protective of its natural resources and beauty spots. Many of the pools, especially the smaller ones, are strictly off limits and remain undisturbed. One of these zealously protected little pools is called the "Map of Brazil," as its shape suggests. From the fragile Galapagos-like ecosystem of the Fernando de Noronha beaches to the thundering spectacle of Iguazu Falls, it is possible to enjoy the natural wonders of Brazil as well as being reassured about your ecological footprint.

High tides and other sections of the Galinihas beach area are good surfing and kite surfing spots. It's possible to book a lazy day trip on one of the traditional jangada sailboats, observing marine life out at sea and exploring the mangrove forests along the coastline. If lucky, you might spot a group of seahorses in the waters around the mangroves. There are even a couple shipwrecks popular with divers. If you're deciding when to go, one of the benefits of Porto de Galinhas Brazil is its almost year round balmy weather.

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