Praia Mole Brazil

Praia Mole Beach on the island of Forianopolis is one of the best Brazil beaches for surfing and much more. "Floripa," as the locals affectionately call it, boasts more than forty pristine beaches most of which are very popular with tourists and surfers (the island hosts the annual international WTC surfing championships). But if you want to choose a beach in Florianopolis that has just about everything, Praia Mole Brazil is the one you want.

"Praia" means beach in Portuguese, and "Mole" means soft. Thus, Praia Mole beach is named for its soft, fine sand, which is a pretty shade of pale pink and quite deep, making it luxuriant to walk on in bare feet. This is one of the attractions of the beach. Another attraction is that this beach in Florianopolis is a prime destination throughout the year, unlike many other beaches on the island that are more seasonal.

Location, location, location is why Praia Mole Brazil is such an ideal beach. It sits on a narrow strip of land, forming a crescent shape flanked by small mountains on either end, and has a lovely blue lagoon on the other side of the strip. You can walk from serene, protected lagoon to sandy beach with fabulous surf in a very few minutes. This beach in Florianopolis is also the one closest to the bustling town of Lagoa da Conceicao with its many restaurants and dining venues (try the local crab cakes specialty "Bolinhos de Siri") lively bars and nightlife. All the other hotspots on the island, including the other beaches, towns and nightclubs are easily accessible if you have the transportation of a car.

All the benefits of this great location make real estate along Praia Mole Brazil some of the most expensive on the island. There are very few Florianopolis hotels located in the area and with direct access to the beach, and you're apt to find them overpriced in relation to their services. You might instead seek out some of the townhouse and apartment rentals that are available. Accommodating as many as eight people, and fully self-catering, these offer good value for your vacation dollar. If you must have a hotel, there are many very good ones to choose from, and you will need to research Brazil car rental options so that you can get to Praia Mole Beach from the hotel.

Brazil is such a haven for surfers and similar water/wind sports enthusiasts because the many coves, bays, lagoons, and inlets along its coastline provide excellent waves and surf. Praia Mole Beach has stronger surf (up to 20 foot wave faces) than many beaches, which is why you will see so many surfers here all year long. If you're not the strongest swimmer, you'll need to be aware of this. But, don't despair. There's a protected north-facing cove with very calm waters for you and your children.

Although there are many things to do all over the island, the Praia Mole Beach in Florianopolis has some built-in entertainment and activities in addition to sand and water. There are several barracas (beach bars) that also are restaurants, and these will provide the ever-present Brazilian music and dancing. There are also juice bars and volleyball courts. And, as previously stated, the beach is very close to a town with stores, shops, and more attractions, including the great nightlife and music for which Brazil is so famous.

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