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Up and down the eastern coast of Brazil, beaches are the number one attraction. Accommodation in Florianopolis, as well as plenty of gorgeous Brazil beaches, are two very good reasons to stop and stay awhile. Throughout the beautiful island of Ilha de Santa Catarina, and its capital of Florianopolis, there are more than forty beaches to choose from all boasting their own unique style and atmosphere. Situated south of Galheta and north of Joaquina on the island's east coast is Praia Mole, or Mole Beach. Praia Mole hotels are popular with the young, beautiful and stylish. It's also a major hot spot for surfers. Praia Mole is one of the most stunning beaches on the island and a main attraction because of its idyllic location, soft, powdery sand and gently rolling hills.

The Praia Mole Eco Village is a celebrated Mole Beach hotel and one that stays true to nature. Built in a sustainable design in a permanent protected reserve, this part of the island, between Lagoa da Conceicao and Praia Mole is striking. This eco-minded Mole beach hotel is favored by nature lovers and other earth friendly people who prefer to stay away from the mass party crowds that can appear around the beaches. Both suites and charming bungalows sleeping up to six people are available. Only steps from breathtaking lagoons, an undulating mountain range and the gleaming ocean, Praia Mole Eco Village is an ideally located and very well-equipped hotel close to many amenities and attractions.

Of all the Praia Mole hotels available, Praia Mole Park Hotel is by far the most popular. Exuding the feel of an ocean side European hotel, Mole Park is set on a stunning piece of Brazil real estate by both the lagoon and the beach. Some of the best attributes of the hotel are evident in the incredible gardens and tall, swaying trees. Boasting an orchid park, tennis courts and even a soccer field, there are many fun things to do in and around this Mole Beach hotel. Casting aside any feeling of crowdedness, suites and rooms at Praia Park are distributed carefully throughout several buildings offering more privacy and space than average accommodation in Florianopolis. With garden, lagoon and ocean views available, as well as a host of fantastic services and amenities, this is a great choice in Praia Mole hotels.

Though the choice in Praia Mole hotels is fairly good, the island offers a host of beach houses for rent, popular with the younger crowds who prefer the privacy and freedom of staying in a private house. A real estate agent is the best person to contact for a vacation rental on Praia Mole. Holiday accommodation in Florianopolis isn't limited to ordinary beach houses either. Infact, there are myriad wonderful options for travelers wishing to stay on the island. Throughout the island there are many attractive Brazil villas, holiday apartments and vacation homes for rent set adjacent to the beautiful beaches and sparkling ocean. Often comparable in price to some of the upper class hotels, private accommodation in Florianopolis offers visitors the comforts of home in an exotic locale.

During peak months in the summer Praia Mole can get extremely crowded and traffic can be a headache. During this time it's best to make all arrangements ahead of time. Don't count too much on a Brazil car rental as it can be faster to walk or take local transportation when the island is busy. Outdoor enthusiasts and sport lovers will relish in the many opportunities the island affords for outdoor fun. Water skiing, kite boarding, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding are just a few of the many incredible options for visitors at Praia Mole.

Image: Praia Mole Eco Village
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