Apartments in Rio de Janeiro

Apartments in Rio de Janeiro are widely available for travelers who are interested in an alternative to the hotel scene. When you secure a Rio vacation apartment, you will essentially have your own home away from home in one of the world's most dynamic cities. When you're not out enjoying the scenery and all the great attractions, the convenient amenities that your apartment rental provides will be most welcoming. Most apartment rentals in Rio de Janeiro have fully equipped kitchens, so you can entertain the option of preparing meals if you like to cook or you're not up for a restaurant run, and if you secure one of the more upscale properties, a Jacuzzi tub and maybe even a small, private pool will figure among the added perks.

There are apartments in Rio de Janeiro to fit a range of budgets, so even travelers who are minding a tight budget should have little trouble finding one that fits their needs. The more basic apartments might be relatively low on frills and lack stunning decors, but they still provide travelers with pretty much everything that they'll need. Should a full kitchen be lacking in a discount Rio vacation apartment, you will most likely find a kitchenette in its place. Cable TV and air conditioning are also among the standard amenities in most Rio apartments, and ample furnishings are almost always provided. Should you secure a beach rental, then a private balcony with ocean views is most often part of the deal, which is music to many travelers' ears.

The apartment rentals in Rio de Janeiro come in a variety of sizes. You can rent a studio if you don't need added space, and a three- or four-bedroom unit can easily serve the needs of a family or other small groups. As you might imagine, the larger apartments and condos tend to cost more than their smaller counterparts, though size isn't the only thing that can influence the price. Many apartments in Rio de Janeiro are on the upscale side, and the more amenities, the higher the price. If there's room in the budget for an upscale Rio vacation apartment, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, Internet access, and unfettered views of the beach tend to figure among the added amenities. You might be surprised to know that apartment rentals in Rio de Janeiro are competitively priced and reasonably affordable on the whole. Even the more upscale units that can be found in hotspots like Ipanema Beach are more affordable than you might think.

Between Ipanema and neighboring Copacabana, travelers will have an ample amount of vacation apartments to choose from. These famous neighborhoods are where most tourists choose to stay, and they're also where many locals come to play. World-class beaches, plenty of good restaurants, and lively nightlife are just some of the things that these neighborhoods have to offer, and the city center is never very far away when you feel like heading to the Centro to look around. The rentals in Ipanema tend to be more upscale on average than those in Copacabana, and you might look in nearby Leblon if the luxury route is what you have in mind. Leblon, in is slightly more upscale than Ipanema, and for dining enthusiasts, it's also worth noting that this neighborhood is known for fine restaurants. Of these three neighborhoods, Copacabana offers the highest number of rentals, so you might start your search there.

You're not limited to these neighborhoods when looking for apartments in Rio de Janeiro, though they are the best places to begin a search. Not far off on the southern side of the city, the decidedly Americanized neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca boasts some attractive apartments of its own, and Sao Conrado Beach might be the most attractive when a relative amount of solitude is desired. A spacious condo at a beachfront condo resort in Barra da Tijuca or Sao Conrado can certainly be a fine place to stay and play. Apartment hotels and resorts are in relatively good supply in Rio, it is worth mentioning, and they usually offer more hotel-like facilities for guests to enjoy on the side. Known locally as aparthotels, these lodging establishments are basically all-suite hotels; their guest units featuring all the things you would expect to find in most any apartment rental. Ipanema, Copacabana, Arpoador Beach, Leblon, and Barra are all home to aparthotels, and you'll even find one at Botafogo Beach up near the downtown core.

When looking to rent a Rio vacation apartment, booking well in advance is recommended. This is especially true during the peak December to March season, as the rentals, especially the most attractive ones, can go very fast. As you might imagine, booking in advance is essentially required if you want to visit while the Carnival celebrations are going on. Prices go up during the summer season when it comes to apartment rentals in Rio de Janeiro, so you might choose to visit the city during one of the other seasons if you are hoping to secure discounts.

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