Rio de Janeiro Attractions

Rio de Janeiro attractions truly offer something for everyone. Between the city's famed beaches and its stunning mountains, you could already justify a visit. Add in all the other great attractions and opportunities for things to do, and it only becomes more obvious that a Rio visit might be long overdue. A night at the Sambadrome during Carnival is bound to prove unforgettable, and you also won't soon forget the stunning views of the city from the tops of the landmark Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains.

Picturesque monoliths and rocky peaks meet the Guanabara Bay at Rio's breathtaking harbor. The result is a dramatic setting that helps to make Rio such a fine place to visit. While good views are all around, the best sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro can arguably be had from the tops of Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains. These mountains rise high above the city, the latter being capped in a huge statue of Jesus spreading his arms. The statue, which is known as Christ the Redeemer, is among the most iconic images of Rio, if not the most iconic.

When you're not taking a tram or a train up to the tops of these landmarks, there will be many other tourist attractions in Rio vying for your attention. For soccer fans, taking a tour of the Maracana Stadium or actually seeing a game there is worth adding to the agenda, as the Maracana Stadium is one of the most renowned soccer stadiums in the world. Another popular attraction is the Rio Botanical Garden, which is sure to impress with its palm-lined main avenue.

A bunch of excellent museums are also among the best Rio de Janeiro attractions, so cultural buffs aren't left out of the mix. Anyone seeking a dose of history will also find that the tourist attractions in Rio cater to them. Among the landmarks of historic interest are the Copacabana Fort, Ilha Fiscal with its palatial customs house, and the old churches in the Centro (City Center). History buffs will also want to entertain the option of taking a side trip to the imperial-era summer resort of Petropolis or the lovely colonial town of Paraty.

Any and all travelers who are looking to so some quality sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro will want to consider these top Rio de Janeiro attractions. Various tours highlight the best tourist attractions in Rio, and they are especially worth taking advantage of if you don't want to go it alone. You can even arrange tours into the favelas, which are the city's rather famous shantytowns. Tours that involve sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro can highlight specific attractions, while others take a more general approach, as is the case with the majority of the bus tours.

When discussing the tourist attractions in Rio, mention should be made of the city's shops, restaurants, and nightlife scene. Shopping in Rio can be a blast, especially if you're interested in clothes, unique fabrics, jewelry, leather goods, and handicrafts. As for the restaurants, virtually every world cuisine is covered, and the best news might just be that good restaurants are easy to find. Once the sun sets, the nightlife hardly gets any more vibrant, and since most bars and clubs don't close until the wee hours, you can really make a night of it if you're not ready to sleep.



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