Rio de Janeiro Beach Rentals

Rio de Janeiro beach rentals figure among the most popular vacation rental properties in the city. It's not hard to understand why once you catch a glimpse of Rio's fantastic beaches and its stunning seascapes. Beachfront condos in Rio can primarily be found in a few major hot spots, and since most are full of convenient amenities, they can make excellent alternatives to hotel rooms. The majority of the Rio de Janeiro beach apartment rentals are competitively priced when compared to the hotels and resorts, and if you want added space, most provide it. A multi-bedroom condo on or near the beach can be ideal for families and other small groups, while a one-bedroom apartment near the sea can cater to couples or other smaller groups.

Two of the best places to look for Rio de Janeiro beach rentals are the famous neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema. To the immediate west of Ipanema, the beachfront neighborhood of Leblon is also not to be overlooked when looking for attractive beachfront condos in Rio, and even further west, there are some enticing rental properties within steps of the sand at Sao Conrado Beach. The scene at Sao Conrado Beach is usually quieter and more relaxed than it is at the beaches in the livelier Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon neighborhoods, which is worth keeping in mind if you are looking for a calmer atmosphere.

If you don't mind heading further west than Sao Conrado, the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca offers even more Rio de Janeiro Beach apartment rentals that might pique your interest. Barra da Tijuca is one of the hottest neighborhoods in town, and some travelers are attracted to its Americanized feel, not to mention its world-class strip of sand. Regardless of which neighborhood you ultimately choose when it comes to the beachfront condos in Rio, you will be ideally situated for fun in the sun. Not only will you have easy access to the beach in these neighborhoods, but you'll also be close to good restaurants, a variety of bars and clubs, and a number of shops.

There are Rio de Janeiro beach rentals that fit a range of budgets. The more luxurious properties can get expensive, especially during the peak summer season, but there are plenty of more affordable options for budget-minded travelers. Regardless of the final price, you can expect your beachfront condo or apartment to be relatively well equipped. Common amenities include ample furnishings, clean private bathrooms, clean linens, cable TV, and private balconies from which to savor the ocean air. The majority of the Rio de Janeiro beach apartment rentals also feature fully-equipped kitchens and air conditioning. As you move up in the price range department, other perks can include things such as DVD players, private laundry facilities, and Jacuzzi tubs. Since the options are so varied, finding the right home away from home for your Rio beach vacation shouldn't be hard.



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