Botafogo Beach

Botafogo Beach is one of the main beach's on Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay coast. While this beach isn't as ideal as Atlantic Ocean coast beaches such as Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach when it comes to swimming and other beach activities, it can make a fine place to enjoy a relaxing stroll. Since this beach on Guanabara Bay is an urban beach, it is relatively contaminated. This is the main reason why most visitors choose to stick to the sand. You can enjoy some watersports at Botafogo Beach if you please, however, and the views that it provides are worth the visit alone.

While standing on the packed white sands of Praia do Botafogo, as this Rio beach is locally known, visitors will enjoy views of both Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado Mountain. The beach curves around a small harbor of sorts near the heart of the downtown core, and it is often filled with sailboats that dock at the nearby marina, only adding to the peaceful nature of the views. Due to its location near the downtown core and the city's popular south zone, this small Rio beach on Guanabara Bay often plays host to open-air events, such as concerts and shows of various kinds. As far as water sports are considered, Botafogo Beach is most ideal for sailing, due in part to its often-calm waters.

When you want to enjoy some serious beach time during your trip to Rio de Janeiro, Praia do Botafogo might not be the best place to go. It is, however, an ideal strip of sand for quick escapes from city life, and thanks to the wonderful views of the area peaks and the city skyline, a stroll along its sands can be ideal both day and night. When you're not relaxing on this inviting urban beach on Guanabara Bay, the neighborhood of Botafogo offers up some other tantalizing options for things to do. Between the neighborhood's major shopping malls and outlet stores, shopping enthusiasts will have little trouble justifying a visit, and you might interest yourself in a show at one of the local theaters or cinemas. The decidedly traditional neighborhood that backs Botafogo Beach is also home to a variety of bars and restaurants, and the rather large farmer's market can be a joy to explore.

If you really want to fit in on your visit to Botafogo Beach, you might purchase a jersey for the Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas soccer team. This team is among the most renowned in all of Brazil. Past players of high repute include Garrincha, who is credited by FIFA (soccer's main governing body) as the best player to ever come out of Brazil after Pele. That's quite an honor considering the history and success of Brazil soccer.

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