Buzios Brazil

Buzios Brazil, just a couple of hours’ drive from Rio de Janeiro, is where locals go for beach vacations. Buzios Beach is a haven of gorgeous beaches and even more gorgeous people, bars and restaurants, beach resorts and clubs. Frequented in the past by celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Buzios Brazil is a popular international destination, and you'll find yourself surrounded by locals and tourists, all enjoying the sun and surf.

Buzios Beach is really a peninsula with several different beaches, offering everything from the perfect waves for surfing, to seaside bars and clubs, as well as more secluded spots far away from the noise of tourism. Although Buzios has a reputation for being hedonistic, you can easily find a more laid-back spot to sunbathe on the beach. Fortunately, beaches are in general open to the public, instead of being private-access only and owned by expensive resorts, so you can relax on the sand along with everyone else.

Down in the Buzios town center, head to Rua des Pedras, the main street in town. This cobblestone street is lined with numerous cafes and bars, so grab a coffee or something stronger while you enjoy the sights. Street musicians and dancers are common here, and you may get a chance to see someone performing the capoeira, Brazilian version of break-dancing. From Rua des Pedras head over to the Orla Bardot Boardwalk, an oceanfront promenade that provides beautiful vistas of the ocean and coastline. Grab a snack or a drink along the way and sit on one of the seaside benches to enjoy the view. Don't miss the bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot, who helped to popularize Buzios as a hot vacation spot.

Praia de Geriba is one of the largest and most popular beaches at Buzios Brazil. It is a family-friendly beach during the day with plenty of beach activities such as volleyball, beach soccer, boat rentals, and more. The waves here are excellent for surfing and windsurfing, while one end of the beach has calmer waters better suited to swimming and snorkeling in the clear water. This free public beach has plenty of amenities and is lined with reasonably-priced inns and hotels, an excellent place to stay and a great base from which to explore the rest of Buzios Beach. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars, and you can stay up late into the night partying if you wish.

Another immensely popular beach is Praia Jao Fernandez. This large crescent-shaped beach has soft golden sand and clear water filled with fish, perfect for snorkeling and diving. The water is quite calm, so it is a great place for kids and weaker swimmers. As one of the beaches closest to downtown Buzios, Jao Fernandez can get crowded. This means, however, that you can get practically anything you need on the beach, with restaurants, hotels, shops, and beach cafes galore. Try to get to the beach early if you want to stake out a spot on the sand.

Buzios has many more beaches with much more to offer. Azeda Beach is a more secluded, quiet beach where you can enjoy the sand and go snorkeling away from the crowds, and Brava Beach is where you'll head if you're enthusiastic about surfing. If you prefer to bathe au naturel, Olho de Boi may be the beach for you. Wherever you end up, kick off your Havaianas, sit back with a drink, and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Buzios beaches.

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