Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro

The Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro isn't only known for its interesting art exhibits. In fact, it might actually be better known for its fascinating building, which looks more like a UFO than a museum at first glance. Completed in 1996, this museum looks almost like a spaceship and was designed by famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and it certainly exhibits his passion for curves. A landmark structure by all measures, the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, as the museum is officially known, deserves a look when in Rio, even if you don't have time to go inside. If you do have time to enter, then all the better, as what you'll find is the best art collection of its kind in all of Brazil and makes a great attraction to visit if you are in Rio.

The Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro is located just across the Guanabara Bay in Niteroi. Thanks in large part to its unique design, this museum has brought a lot of attention to its home city. While circular buildings aren't exactly ideal for displaying art, the curators at the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum do a good job setting up the various exhibits. Some of the exhibits are permanent, though most are rotated or changed out often. The various exhibits are situated on three different levels, and the museum also features a subterranean floor with various archives, a screening room, and a mix of other technical and administrative facilities.

The art that is on display at any given time at the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum is mostly abstract in nature. Sculptures figure among the main pieces, as do paintings, and visitors can also inspect some curious textile works. Since the bulk of the exhibits are changed over time, you never know what you might see on a visit. When you're not checking out the art, you can check out the amazing views that the museum's many picture windows provide. There is a lot to take in at the museum, including windows featuring great views of Niteroi, the bay, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the sprawling expanse of Rio, creating an extra bonus to taking in this museum.

A fascinating building, some interesting art, and some spectacular views are what a trip to the Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro are all about. The museum overlooks Niteroi's main beach from its promontory perch, so you might pair some beach time with your visit when looking for things to do. Restaurants and shops are also close by, so it's easy to make a day of it when heading over to Niteroi to explore the landmark museum. It only takes about an hour to see the museum's collection, so you should have lots of time to enjoy the city's other attractions before heading back to your Rio hotel. Of course, you can always consider staying for a night or more at one of the Niteroi hotels.



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